Man Goes On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ BLOWS AWAY Other Contestants With Amazing Puzzle Solve

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Let’s be honest for a moment.

Some people possess a level of intelligence and skill that is far superior than the average human being, and Matt DeSanto, a contestant who appeared on Wheel Of Fortune, happens to be one of those individuals.

At least when it comes to solving word puzzles.

DeSanto blew the minds of his fellow contestants–and those watching at home–when he managed to solve a puzzle with only one letter.

Can you say “Beast Mode?”

From TheBlaze:

One letter.

That’s all it took for Matt DeSanto to guess one of the toss-up puzzles on “Wheel of Fortune” on Friday’s episode. It was a feat that left both host Pat Sajak and his fellow contestants stunned.


The answer is “The Lone Ranger.” Here’s how his fellow contestants looked:



DeSanto’s amazing performance didn’t stop there. He went on to set a new record by raking in over $91,982 and solving every puzzle except the one in the bonus round.

That’s pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve ever managed to successfully solve more than one puzzle per half hour show I’ve watched, so this dude is light years ahead of me when it comes to word games.

I know. Sad for a writer, isn’t it?

What’s even sadder is that this guy could probably walk into the Oval Office and do a better job running the country than Barack Obama.

Then again, an acorn sitting on a banana peel could do a better job of leading the nation than Obama, so perhaps that’s not saying much.

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