What This Liberal Journalist Just Said About ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle Is DISGUSTING

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Liberals don’t exactly have a reputation for gushing with pride over our military, but the latest statements made by a lefty “journalist” about Chris Kyle–the most lethal sniper in American military history and the subject of new film titled American Sniper–are so disgusting and disrespectful they’ll nearly send you into a blind rage.

If you aren’t a person who uses “strong” language, you’ll be tempted to let a few four letters word rip after reading this.

From Weasel Zippers via Noah Rothman:

… “I haven’t seen American Sniper, but correct me if I’m wrong: An occupier mows down faceless Iraqis but the real victim is his anguished soul,” Blumenthal wrote smugly on his Twitter account. “[T]he whole film’s appeal seems to derive from the latent racism that led America into Iraq.”

“John Lee Malvo, another mass murdering sniper, would not be glorified on prime time,” Blumenthal averred, confusing the young accomplice of the “D.C. Sniper” for the prime suspect in those killings, John Allen Muhammad.

When confronted with the tastelessness of his comparison by a Twitter user who contended that the impressionable Malvo was misled, Blumenthal indicted the military. “[H]e was brainwashed and stripped of his humanity,” Blumenthal scoffed. “But that never happened to our servicemen, of course.”

To say this guy is a classless idiot would be an understatement.

Liberals always like to paint America and the military as a colonial imperialist force looking to take over the world, especially when it comes to the Middle East.

What exactly does that sand trap have over there that we could possibly want? Oil? Why? There’s plenty of it here if we were only allowed to drill for it.

Chris Kyle–and others like him–are not “brainwashed” and stripped of humanity. On the contrary, they are put into position where they have to make heart wrenching life or death decisions that impact military families and the families of the enemies our nation faces down in combat, and they feel the effects of those decisions every day they’re above ground.

Kyle saved countless lives by having the testicular fortitude to do what cowards like Blumenthal could never ever do, which is to look evil right in the face and not flinch, but do the hard thing to protect others.

Our military makes sacrifices for our freedom that we could never begin to fathom, all to protect our way of life. When others run away from the bullets and bombs, they’re running towards them, willing to lose life and limb for love of country.

Folks like Blumenthal are nothing more than blow-hards who get paid to push forward an agenda designed to destroy the America we all know and love.

At the end of the day, there’s a movie, a book, and countless legends about Chris Kyle that will preserve his legacy for decades to come.

When the dust settles on Blumenthal’s career, will anyone really remember any of his “contributions” to society?

Probably not.

I rest my case.

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