Land of the Free

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America, the idea and the place are still a beacon for the rest of the world and for those free within its borders. The idea is a simple one: I can become myself here.

Mystics speak of the oneness of all things. Well all right, yet even the mystics are unique in their teachings and in their approach to each day.

America allows you to express yourself by building things, writing things, exploring places and ideas, raising kids, teaching someone or something, or just to live on a park bench and watch the days come and go keeping your grand ideas to yourself. In other words to find your own uniqueness.

In America you can be frustrated, off the mark, pursuing the wrong dream, and yet American’s hold onto the idea that they can change these things around and become the highest idea of themselves, without a government or community trying to stifle this ambition. And, if your small community does try to stifle, you are free to move, change your religion, change your politics, change your mind, and change your name.Free_Wallpaper_Patriotic_Eagle_American_Flag_Background-1-1024X768

The constitution is a sacred document written by people wiser then today’s politicians. It was set up to keep the government from interfering in an individuals right to persue his or her happiness, so long on that persuit doesn’t interfere or infringe on the rights of others.

In America you have the right  to property and to personhood and to defend that property and personhood from those who might try an encroach upon it. You are presumed innocent here and if the State or anyone else has a quarrell with you, they must prove your guilt.

Well those who persue power, control, greed, arrogance, and war can be very cunning and clever. They have been whittling away at the Constitution small piece by small piece. Today the United States government believes they can legally tap into your comminication with a small suspicion and without a warrant. That the army can arrest and detain you indefinately without a warrant. They can now take your private property and give it to another private interest. It also looks like they are going to try to make illegal the very types of guns that would allow private citizens to defend themselves from said government, if it came down to it.

Now as a Christian I am called to be humble, a peacemaker, but also a seeker of righteousness. So my protests will come with a love of my enemy within my heart, forever hopeful he will see my love for him. In other words I don’t plan on shooting anybody and would encourage all to be peaceful. Guns however, are very important symbolically. Those who seek power want to neuter and castrate your individuality, your I am; to make you sheep in their pen, clogs in their machine. It goes against the very idea of America. The Phallic gun states,  “that ain’t going to happen.”

As Americans it is our job to keep our freedoms whole and intact. This means keeping a vigilant eye on our leaders, vigilant, but never a fearfull eye, for God is on the side of freedom, and we must be willing to right wrongs even if it means coming out of our comfortable lives to do so.

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