Killer of 14-year-old Pregnant Girl Shocks Cops with Request

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You’re going to read below about a man without a conscience. He exhibited barbaric behavior, committing an unthinkable crime, demonstrating that the lives of others are meaningless to him. He can easily dismiss them . . . permanently. . . by murdering them and dumping the bodies.

Then he has the infuriating gall to attempt to negotiate a sentence of his choice. Here’s the full story, from IJ Review:

With few exceptions, murderers tend to kill their victims based on reasoning that ranges from the ludicrous to the indefensible.

Such was the case with Christian Ferdinand, who was convicted this week in a Brooklyn courtroom of second-degree murder.

The 22-year-old Maine man admitted to squeezing the life out of his 14-year-old girlfriend Shaniesha Forbes in January of last year, after he was told she was pregnant.

Here’s a rundown of the appalling decisions made by Ferdinand (note: some quotes contain foul language):

When told via text of Forbes’ pregnancy, Ferdinand responded: “My n***a, are you serious? Kill that s**t.”
While lying on a couch at his cousin’s home as Forbes continued to talk about her pregnancy, Ferdinand grabbed a leather pillow and held it over Forbes’ face until she asphyxiated.christian ferdinand

After hiding Forbes’ body on a roof for a day, Ferdinand stuffed the corpse into a suitcase and drove to a nearby beach.

He doused the corpse with Axe body spray and set it on fire, then shoved it into the water.
Later that day, Forbes checked into a hotel with an ex-girlfriend.

Ferdinand subsequently confessed to the crime – and then, according to court documents, the killer stunned police by asking this idiotic-yet-revolting question:

“Do you think I can get some kind of community service?”
The jury’s verdict assures Ferdinand of a sentence of between 25 years and life behind bars.

So, that would be a resounding “No!”

Fourteen-year-old Forbes had a promising future. At the time of her death, she was a freshman at the Academy of Young Writers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.


He was convicted only of second degree murder?! He should also have been convicted of statutory rape, and desecration of a dead body. Give me long enough and I’ll think of the other crimes he committed against this girl, for which he should be convicted.

And. . .where were the parents of this 14-year-old who “had a promising future?”

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