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John Lennon Opposed Progressive Agenda [video]


Today, December 8, is the 34th anniversary of the death of John Lennon at the hands of an assassin.

I was too young to follow the Beatles when they were in their hey day. But I have subsequently come to know their music. The lyrics composed by John Lennon touched my soul the most.

And, it probably goes without saying that “Imagine” is my favorite Lennon song. You cannot help but nod in agreement and wishful thinking when that song is playing.

I like to imagine wiping the lines demarking country borders off the globe in my office. I like to think that one day news announcers will be opening their show with, “No passports nor visas required, for the mission of global peace is complete. Travel freely without fear.” And, our languages will be void of all vocabulary referring to shades of skin and nationality. Attempting to recall ‘black’, ‘white’, ‘Latino’, ‘Asian’, ‘nig**r’, ‘cracker’ and ‘chink’ will be futile. Those words just won’t come to mind.

Celebrate the life of John Lennon with me by viewing the following video explaining how his views changed during his latter years. Then enjoy his phenomenally gentle admonition to imagine peace, contained in his song that, for me, is the ultimate John Lennon masterpiece.

Imagine by John Lennon



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