Joe The Plumber: I’d “Rain Down Fire” on North Korea

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President Obama said SONY had “made a mistake” in canceling the Christmas Day release of “The Interview,” a parody film about a ridiculous CIA plot to kill the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un.

In typical panty-waist fashion, Obama proclaimed; “We will respond. We will respond proportionately and we’ll respond in a place and time and manner that we choose.” That was just before skipping off to Hawaii for a few weeks of vacation. If I were responsible for the hacking, I’d be really terrified..

Yet another red-line drawn by Obama with no teeth and I doubt any future action against North Korea – although this is a perfect “crisis” for the Obama Admin not to let go to waste. Would it surprise anyone if they used this as an excuse to institute regulations and controls on Internet use for you and I?

obama-kim_jong_un__2178245bIf this is how Obama truly felt, why didn’t he just call Sony’s CEO and convinced him not to pull the film?

I know the execs at SONY think Obama is just your stereotypical black guy (according to their emails) but he still could have ordered law enforcement, the FBI and Homeland Security to provide protection to the theaters, if he believed his own words.

If I were president I’d engage in some worthwhile actions instead of just giving speeches, as is been Obama’s useless habit. Our enemies don’t take our President seriously and who could blame them, really?

Bottome line is that Barack Obama has made us a laughing stock once again, blaming SONY, a private company (who has given millions to his campaigns), for not releasing the movie. Where is the support from our military? The CIA?

Although it is refreshing that Obama isn’t blaming the video this time.

If I were President, I’d address the nation and tell the world how much I despise communism, first and foremost. Make it clear that Capitalism drives this great nation and no one is going to get in the way of that system, the free-flow of entertainment at market prices, or any other restrictions on our Freedoms.

I would go onto say America will never be told what to do or not to do. We do not negotiate with terrorists and I’m so sorry if that little fat kid running that joke of a country is offended by a film. I am offended every time he tests a missile in hopes that we’ll come running to him with some foreign aid.


Explain to me why we haven’t dropped a bucket of stink on that cry-baby or given him and other yappy despots a proper spanking? That head is so fat a sniper could hone in on him from Junea probably. Oh, gee – did I say something wrong? Should I cancel JoeForAmerica for a few months? Screw you.

I would make a deal with SONY and the movie theaters to show the movie in question for free and at the same time, move a couple of aircraft carriers off the coast of North Korea with explicit orders: If anything remotely bad happens in America or to Americans I will hold North Korea personally responsible and will respond with no mercy.

To be clear, America will reign a sh**t-storm of fire on the little commie bastards!

We would make an example out of North Korea in such a was that moving forward you will be afraid to even look at America sideways for fear of retribution! Does anyone remember what Colonel Gaddafi did after Reagan lobbed a few bombs through one of his tents?

He behaved for the next 25 years, that’s what.

kim jongIn more SONY news, John McCain – incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee – called the cyber attack an “act of war.”

Perhaps someone should inform Senator McCain and everyone else that we’ve been at war with North Korea since the Korean War cease-fire. In other words, technically speaking, we are still at war with little chubby face, so what’s stopping us from retaliating?

Gravity and chicken-sh**t, that’s what.

We don’t sell them anything, they don’t buy from us, they can barely keep their lights on and if they ever attacked South Korea – it would be the excuse everyone’s been waiting for to wipe them off the map.

Senior Democratic Senator Robert Menendez urged Secretary of State John Kerry to consider again designating Pyongyang a state sponsor of terrorism. Yo – good luck with that one, Bob. North Korea was put on the list of rogue states in 1988 but taken off in 2008 when the U.S. got engaged in some high-level negotiations with the North on its nuclear weapons program.

Wasn’t there a signed Michael Jordan basketball involved or something?

Did you ever think that perhaps SONY wouldn’t be so quick to capitulate to threats if they even had a thought that this administration might protect them or the people of this country? There’s no confidence in Barack Obama – you can tell from the way SONY execs mock him in their now exposed email threads.

But here’s the one I like the most: Talking to reporters after the FBI said North Korea was to blame, Barack Obama actually said; “Washington would never bow to some dictator.” Then he had to leave because Raul Castro was calling and Obama didn’t want to upset him by being on hold too long..

Thankfully, Hollywood can still make as many movies bashing America as they feel like, without fear of any sort of retribution.. Nobody hacking anybody over that.


“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”
— Quote from an actual leader.


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