JetBlue Offers Cops Free Flights to NYPD Funerals: Then Get Bomb Threats!

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Jet Blue offers Police Officers a chance to fly free if they’re wanting to attend the funerals of the recently murdered NYPD cops and you won’t beleive what happens next: Or maybe you will, given the atmostphere we’ve been living in lately..

Our friends at The Federalist Papers (visit them HERE) sent over an unreal story of more good deeds never going unpunished: Jet Blue reaches out to law enforcement, then gets bomb threats for their effort!

Hat tip / Steve Straub: 

Once again we have proof that no good deed goes unpunished as JetBlue airlines received a bomb threat in response to its offer to provide free flights for police officers wanting to attend the funeral of the two fallen NYPD officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.


While some are upset that Jet Blue is offering free flight for police officers to attend the NYPD funerals of the two men murdered execution style last weekend, many others support the move:

One flight was delayed as authorities checked the plane to be sure it was safe…


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Thank you Jet Blue. Praying for safety for you and all your passengers.


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