Intruder Breaks Into Grandma’s House, Grandson With A Gun Makes Him Regret It INSTANTLY

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Time and time again we hear the loony left tell us “guns are bad, mmmkay”–yes I just did a horrible impression of the teacher from South Park, deal with it–and the only way to prevent mass shootings in schools and public places is to ban firearms.

Every American with two brain cells to rub together knows this is bull, as study after study–not to mention common sense–proves that when guns are taken away from law abiding citizens, it doesn’t stop crime, nor the does it prevent bad guys from getting their hands on a Glock 9 mm. It emboldens criminals and makes all of us easier targets.

Fortunately, the Second Amendment of the Constitution states that every American has the right to bear arms in order to protect themselves from tyrannical government and crazy criminal intruders who would do us harm.

Ask this grandma and her 14-year-old son whether or not guns should be banned. I already know what they’d say. Check it out.

From BizPacReview:

The events started Tuesday, when two brothers, Isai Robert Delcid, 18 and Carlos Delcid, 22, decided to break into the wrong home in southeast Charlotte, N.C.

The home was occupied by a grandmother and her 14-year-old grandson.

As the brothers attempted to get in through a back window, the 14-year-old yelled at them to stop, WSOC-TV reported.

Undeterred, Isai Delcid continued breaking in. That’s when the 14-year-old started shooting at him.

Delcid was shot dead at the scene while his brother ran from the house. He was later captured.

So, Mr. Liberal, there you have it. A perfect example of why the Founders in their wisdom decided the right to bear arms was something that needed to be protected from out-of-control, bloated, tyrannical government.

You know, kind of like the one we have now.

It’s likely if not for the right to own a gun, combined with her grandson’s judicious marksmanship, these two might not be alive.

What’s the point, the lesson to learn here you ask? Simple.

Guns save lives. Period.

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