If Racism is So Pervasive Why Do Race Hustlers Make It Up?

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Today’s news is all about a “racist” incident at one of the most liberal places in the US, the University of California at Berkeley.  It seems “somebody” lynched some cardboard cutouts on the campus.  As of right now the perpetrators are unknown.

Here at Curmudgeon Central, while we know who did it, we recognize this incident follows a pattern at liberal campuses.  It turns out that EVERY instance of some “ism” or another – racism, sexism, gayism, whateverism – turns out to be a statement by a member of the appropriate victim class.  In other words, it’s a lie.

We won’t be surprised to discover that this one has the same roots.

For example, at Oberlin College, arguably more progressive than Berkeley, a “man” was reportedly seen wearing a KKK outfit and there were racist posters and emails sent out.  There was a national outcry.  It turns out that the local police and Oberlin administration knew the two men who did the deed, and they kept silent and let the outrage grow.

Turns out that the perps were Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden.  Bleier was a hardcore Obama supporter and according to his resume was a supporter of all things progressive.  The local police and the college did nothing, but the NYT and other mainstays of the progressive media were all over the story.  Everyone declined to comment when it turned out to be a hoax and Bleier and Alden were never held accountable.

Then there was Sweet Briar College in Virginia in which someone mysteriously posted “white” and “colored” signs on doors and over water fountains ended with the revelation that the person responsible was black.  The perp “apologized” with a non-apology, and was not held accountable even though the college received many threats.  In fact, the only reason the perp was identified as black was to hopefully stop the threats.

Grand Valley State University in Michigan was home to a vicious threat written on a black student’s dorm door.

Turns out the perp was, you guessed it, the student who owned the white board.  The student was black.  The “white board” is racist.  The student was “dealt with” by a dean for a violation of student code.  In other words, it was likely suggested that the student please not do that again.

Since we’re talking about nooses at Berkeley, they have a colored history.  Yes, the pun is intended.

At the University of California, San Diego, a noose was found hanging from a library shelf in 2010.  Needless to say protests and anguish were the order of the day.

After Thursday’s discovery, hundreds of people joined a campus rally to oppose racial intolerance. “It’s OK to feel hurt and angry about this,” said one participant. “We’ve been silent for too long.”


The student’s admission [that he/she hung the noose] came the day after police were alerted to the presence of the noose in a library bookcase at the school.

The student wasn’t identified, but some assumptions can be reasonably made given this note in the report.

The noose incident occurred two weeks after Black History Month was mocked in an off-campus party that was condemned by the school.

At least, apparently, this student was suspended.

Finally, although we haven’t run out of examples by any means, there was the “noose on the door” trick in 2007 at Columbia University.

A day after a noose was found hanging on a black professor’s office door at Columbia University’s Teachers College, protesting students chanted “no diversity, no university” and confronted university officials at two emotional meetings. The police said that their hate crimes unit had mounted a full investigation, including testing the rope for DNA.

This one took a little while, much longer that it really should have given the checkered reality of the black professor in question, but the truth came out.

Then, in February, another revelation: In a terse statement from [Teachers College president Susan] Fuhrman, it was announced that two former students and a former professor had accused [professor Madonna] Constantine of repeated acts of plagiarism. It turned out that the college had been secretly investigating Constantine for 18 months—long before the noose showed up on her door—and had been using an outside law firm to do the job.

Constantine angrily denied the accusations, appealed the plagiarism charges, and filed a grievance against the college.

Last week, after the school term had ended and the controversy died down, the college suddenly announced in a letter to faculty that Constantine had been fired, pending a hearing before a faculty committee. Also, a Manhattan grand jury apparently continues to examine the noose incident for possible criminal charges.

The perp was never found, although there was a suspect and Constantine filed a lawsuit against him.  She unexpectedly withdrew her lawsuit for reasons that were never made public.  Constantine was fired after a lengthy investigation by the College, she sued them for defamation and wrongful termination and she lost all of her lawsuits.

With respect to the UCLA “lynchings” we’re not holding our breath for perp to be found, but based on the history for this kind of thing, we’re pretty sure of several things.

  1. No “white racist” will be found to have done the deed.
  2. If a perpetrator is found, his/her race will not be part of the story.
  3. The perpetrator will likely not be identified by name.
  4. No criminal charges will be filed.
  5. The University of California will conclude that this is a “teachable moment” and apologize for the prevalence of racism in the US.

In other words, business as usual in the race-based community of hustlers and demagogues.  The remaining questions could only be, where is Barack Obama’s statement on racism in America and when will the Department of Justice send out 100 or so attorneys and investigators?  Oh, and where are The Revs.




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