Husband Goes To Jail For Assaulting His Wife With THIS Fast Food Delicacy

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Living in the Internet age, there isn’t much that comes across the newsfeed that really shocks people any more these days. The World Wide Web has given us all a platform to post the weird, strange, disturbing, and just plain nuts stuff that goes on around the globe on a daily basis.

That being said, what a man used to assault his wife with–which landed him in jail–is so beyond ridiculous it will truly blow your mind.

From The Des Moines Register:

Sgt. Jason Halifax, a spokesman for the Des Moines Police department, confirmed that Marvin Tramaine Hill II, 21, did more damage than police initially thought after smashing a sandwich bun into his wife’s face Tuesday afternoon. Halifax said charges against Hill will likely be amended to simple domestic assault causing bodily injury.

“It doesn’t matter what instrument is used to commit the assault … ,” Halifax said. “Domestic abuse is a huge problem. The greater issue is this guy is getting angry over a sandwich.”

Hill had admitted to police that he threw the sandwich at his wife “because he doesn’t like them.” Hill was initially arrested for simple domestic assault.

Any man who beats the snot out of his wife–with a sandwich–because he isn’t happy with what’s for dinner needs a nice, large boot planted firmly in the spot where the good Lord split him.

This guy definitely deserves to be locked up for awhile in a place where he’s likely to experience various kinds of abuses that will no doubt help him relate better to the victims he’s hurt over the years.

A wife beater like this guy is proof that young men in America are in desparate need of help. He should be providing a safe environment for his wife and children, not acting in ways that make them terrified to be in the same room with him.

It’s time for men to start acting like men. This means getting a job, treating women and children with love and respect, and doing something productive to make the world a better place.

Let’s hope some time in the clink will help this punk grow up a bit.

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