Hugh Laurie Learns About American Buttocks from Ellen Degeneres

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I discovered this clip [below] of Hugh Laurie on the Ellen Degeneres Show while trying to find a House look-a-like for an intervention that, unfortunately, is long overdue. I’m going for a Scared Straight theme.  What better metaphor for the dangers of drug addiction than that of the demise of a brilliant diagnostician? My friend could have been a successful brain surgeon, but he got hooked on amphetamines during his early years in medical school. Tragic loss to the profession.

Now he just wanders around downtown Hollywood, begging tourists for spare change. But I digress. Here’s Hugh Laurie getting a lesson on American slang from Degeneres on “Ellen.”

If you regularly tune in to The Ellen Degeneres Show, you may have seen this hilarious clip already. Even so, it’s a great couple of minutes to spend amusing oneself.

Also, I found a fabulously talented House Look-a-Like. Let the intervention begin . . .

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