Houston Cop Throwing His Weight Around Open Carry Activist [video]

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Here we go again! A Houston cop threatens to jail an open-carry activist.  ‘I’m tired of you idiots, he says!. But is caught on video even as he tries to unsuccessfully delete the video! You don’t want to miss this. It is corrupt law enforcement such as this that makes it very hard for good law enforcement to do their jobs. This officer is a real piece of work! He is openly and knowingly breaking the law and doing it with an attitude that is entirely unbecoming of a public servant! He threatens arrest for no ID, with no probable cause. He threatens and tries to delete the video (destruction of evidence of a crime), he placed the man in handcuffs, and then… when it was all over… ended up in an internal investigation.


I see at least three laws broken, as well as numerous character violations. But to call citizens of the state of Texas idiots? As they say in Trinidad, “This job is not for you!” He needs to be charged, fired, and go to work somewhere outside of the public service realm. There needs to be a huge public outrage. There needs to be phone calls to the chief of police in Houston (Charles McClelland – 713 308-1600) demanding that this man be held accountable to the law he swore to defend. This type of action seriously impedes the work of true law enforcement officers. By the way, it’s badge number 4771.

So can a law enforcement officer just decide to delete a video from your phone? I cannot fathom that I even had to ask that question! As Joe Newby reports in the Examiner.com:

“”That is completely illegal, completely unlawful and a violation of HPD policy,” said Fox 26 legal analyst Chris Tritico.”

Joe goes on to say: “David Amad of Open Carry Texas went even further, calling the officer an “un-convicted felon. He went on to tell KRIV he “may not ever get convicted, but the fact of the matter is this one particular officer broke the law big time.””

INSANITY! But so far, the video has over 350,000 hits… so this will be interesting to watch! Especially in Texas!

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