Gun-Wielding Black Man Shot By Police, Bystanders React EXACTLY How You Think They Would

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Thanks to the extremely bias media coverage surrounding the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases, every time a black man is shot by police, everyone jumps the gun–no pun intended–and assumes it was because of his skin color.

What liberals and race baiters seem to forget–conveniently–is that in almost every one of these kind of cases, the suspect either assaulted police, resisted arrest, or threatened officers with some kind of weapon.

Unfortunately, Ferguson protesters have never been the kind of upstanding human beings who would let facts stand in the away of their agenda.

Here’s a perfect example of what I mean.

From TheBlaze:

A police officer in Texas City, Texas, fatally shot a gun-wielding suspect after he allegedly pointed a gun at the officer outside a bar. Reacting to the shooting, some of the more than 100 bystanders who flooded the scene allegedly threw bottles and other objects at police officers, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The officer involved in the shooting responded to a call from the manager of H.T.’s Lounge in Texas City at around 1 a.m. early Friday, and when he arrived on the scene, he reportedly witnessed the suspect firing a handgun at people leaving the front door of the bar.

At one point, the officer said the suspect pointed his gun at him, forcing him to open fire.

Critics quickly compared the shooting to the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri, and offered conflicting testimony.

“This brother was assassinated,” King Yashua , minister of defense and co-founder of the Nation of Liberation, told the Houston Chronicle. “It’s just like Ferguson.”

So now every time an armed black criminal refuses to give up his weapon and gets shot by a cop, it’s an “assassination?” Really?

That’s just plain out right ridiculous. If you have a gun and refuse to drop it–regardless of your color–there’s a high probability you’ll be leaving the scene in a body bag. Police officers have a dangerous job dealing with dangerous people, and they absolutely have the right to defend themselves.

Race hustlers look at these shootings and think they’re tragic because of the color of the “victim’s” skin. That’s not what makes these incidents sad. What makes them tragic is that these individuals chose a path of crime, to flush the miracle of life they’d been given down the toilet, and ultimately their choices cost them everything.

No, liberals are too busy capitalizing off these tragedies in order to divide Americans and draw in more voters. No one is taking a common sense approach to the topic of race or sitting down to civil conversations to discuss legitimate concerns.

Let’s hope the mass hysteria swirling around the country involving race is brought to an end and people of all colors can truly sit down together and work on improving race relations in a legitimate fashion.

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