[**Graphic Video]: Third Grade Teacher Talking About “Goat-fuc**ng Muslims”

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Video of elementary teacher Angela Box, a third grade teacher from Houston talking about,”goat-fuc*ing Muslims” and “boy-fuc*ing Muslims.”

Not for the faint of heart and definitely *NSFW.

She’s resigned from her teaching job after some folks complained about her joking that; Can’t Ebola just take one for the team and take out Obama?’

Judge for yourself if she should be teaching kids and ask yourself if every teacher in the country should be judged on what they do outside the classroom.

From the weekly public access TV show “Tommy’s Garage.”


Box, a regular on the show, recently came under fire after community leader Quanell X called for her to be fired from her job teaching third-graders at Ray Daily Elementary School, attributing a quote that uses the “N word” to the teacher. Box denies the accusations, calling the charges “inflammatory” and “offensive,” and so far, Quanell has provided no evidence to the contrary.

I can’t figure out if this show is a parody or not. Just goes to show that liberals don’t have bad form cornered.

Box now wants to make it clear she is not a racist, saying she judges people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.



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