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Girlfriend Gets Ultimate Revenge On Boyfriend With EPIC Pepper Spray Prank


They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and after seeing this lady get the ultimate revenge on her prankster boyfriend, I think this might just be true.

The boyfriend in question recently made a splash online by pranking his girlfriend, making her believe he was cheating on her. She smashed his TV in response and the video went viral.

Apparently this poor gal is the victim of this dude’s pranks on a regular basis, but she’s finally had enough and decided it’s her turn to dish out a little payback.

From The Daily Mail:

In an effort to win an ongoing prank war, a Czech woman sprayed her boyfriend Cenek’s toilet roll with pepper spray in the hope of burning his backside.

Talking to the camera before the prank unfolded the woman explains that she is ‘sick of pranks on me’, and that ‘today it will be my revenge’.

She then sets-up cameras and waits for Cenek to use the facilities. But the reaction she got once he had finished in the john was far from amused.

Considering how his girlfriend chortles in the background, their coupling may be short lived after this. Watch.

If you managed to watch that without cringing and busting a gut laughing at the same time, you’re my hero.

Given this dude’s track record with pranking his girl, I think he got what was coming to him. I mean, what did you expect would happen when you mercilessly pull gags and tricks on someone?

Eventually they’re going to gleefully plot your demise and carry out a diabolical plan to make you suffer the worst embarrassment of your life. A lesson this guy learned the hard way.

What we can all take away from this is that what goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow, so make sure that when you’re tormenting your loved one, they don’t have access to any pepper spray or your supply of TP.

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