Feminism is Dead

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We’re just waiting for the corpse to rot.  Below is a list, from the LA Times of all places, outing the utter stupidity of feminist lore in 2014.  Another author, writes about the desperation of feminism and begins with the two best paragraphs we’ve ever read on the subject.

After the numerous and well-publicised feminist fiascoes of 2014, it has become clear to all but the most ideologically determined observers that the intersectional third-wave harpies who so dominate in the American and British media and to whom obeisance has been paid for many years have nothing left to fight for and no arguments left to win.

Witness the absurd, offensive, ludicrous spectacle of inanity and stupidity currently surrounding the New York subway: a campaign to stop men sitting comfortably on public transport. We “manspread,” apparently, which observers have interpreted as “sit in such a way as not to painfully crush the testicles or penis” but which feminists insist is an expression of patriarchal authority. You could not, as British newspaper columnists like to say, make this shit up.

You can follow the link to read the whole article.  We would recommend a rather significant consumption of adult beverage first.

Now, to the banner year had by feminists in 2014.

The “gang rape” hoax at UVA.   We’ve written on this subject.  Bottom line, a UVA girl told a Rolling Stone reporter that she’d been gang raped by a group of fraternity boys two years earlier.  The President of UVA shut down all fraternities and sororities and feminists went on the march, pushing Congress to force colleges to “do something” about the “rape culture” on campus.  After all, one in five women is raped.

Well, that one didn’t quite turn out like it was intended.  Turns out the girl was lying about everything.  The reporter didn’t check her facts.  Oh, the Department of Justice released a report showing that rather than one in five women being raped, the number was more like 63 in 100,000.  Oops.

Wendy Davis.  You’ll of course remember the little abortionist is pink tennies.  She was going to “turn Texas blue.”  She raised $40 million dollars to run for Governor, mostly from out of state – California and New York – lost by 20 points and her seat in the Texas Senate was taken by a pro-life Republican woman tea party adherent.  Oops.

Rotherham.  You probably didn’t hear about this one because the feminists didn’t complain about it.  Rotherham is in the UK and for 20 years Muslim men have been trafficking in teenage girls.  It was covered up by British authorities because they were afraid of the Muslims.  Apparently the feminists were too.

#Shirtstorm.  Feminists have been whining forever about the lack of women in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math.)  So on the day a team manages the thought-to-be-impossible by landing a robot on a comet 93 million miles from earth.  Some of the people on that team were women.  One of them, one of the leaders happened to be a man who was wearing a shirt, given to him by his girlfriend, that showed cartoon character women carrying guns.  They had a fit.  They were outraged.  They were offended.  They were – are – incredibly stupid.  Oops.

Hobby Lobby.  So, Hobby Lobby sued the Obama administration because they had moral issues with paying for heath insurance that provided abortifacients.  Since abortion is the first, second, and third rail of feminist life this could not be tolerated.  When the Supreme Court found in favor of Hobby Lobby the feminists declared a BOYCOTT!! of the craft store chain.  Two notes.  First, why didn’t they declare a GIRLCOTT!!?  And second, they forgot that feminists don’t do crafts.  Hence, no impact on Hobby Lobby.  Oops.


The Nine West shoe ad ragefest.  A cornerstone of feminism is the TRUTH! that men are unnecessary.  Well, needless to say, when 9 West launched an ad campaign for shoes with themes like “starter husband hunting” you can guess the rage.  The only thing their rage accomplished is that a bunch of feminists were hospitalized for anxiety.  Oops.

The Great Spider-Woman Sexist Derriere Scandal.  Comic books are apparently the ultimate in sexism.  One showed Spider-Woman climbing up on a building with her butt pointed skyward.  “No MALE character would ever be shown that way!!” they screeched.  The screeching stopped and the laughing started when the exact same picture was found from a previously issued comic book of Spider-Man.  Oops.

F-Bombs for Feminism.  We wrote about this one too.  A bunch of feminists got some little girls (under 12) together, dressed them up in ballet type costumes and had them screeching feminist talking points punctuated by F-Bombs.  It wasn’t cute.  Oops.

Amanda Marcotte.  Amanda writes for Slate.  As a side note, we think Slate is working to be the Onion of the left.  Also, Marcotte could really have her own top ten.  We’ll settle for her outrage directed at those who thought the UVA rape story might have some holes in it.  She called them “rape apologists.”  Oops.

“Ban Bossy.”  We’d actually forgotten about this one, it had such a short shelf life.  In March, celebrity Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was making the media rounds to promote her plan to encourage girls to be leaders by making sure no one ever used the b-word around them.  She made a big production out of it.  Until about the end of March.  Crickets since then.  Oops.

If this is the best feminists have got, well, feminism is dead.  In 2015 we should expect it to really start to smell bad.  Or worse.

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