Female Sharpshooter Does Something AMAZING With a Champagne Bottle And A Rifle

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Ever throw a party and it seems like your guests are so bored they’d probably have a better time attending a funeral?

Who hasn’t, right?

Well, sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss has a new party trick you can pull out of your back pocket when your festive gatherings get a bit stale.

It’s called “sabering,” which usually means cutting the top of a champagne bottle off with a sword, but Weiss put her own spin on it by using a rifle instead.

Kids–adults too–do not try this at home. Unless you’re a highly trained professional sharpshooter. In that case, party on!

From TheBlaze:

It’s an impressive task, but for sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss, it raises a different question: Can you saber a bottle of Champagne using a bullet instead of a blade?

Weiss is out with a new trick-shot video of her efforts to do just that.

Her theory: if you strike the bottle in the precise spot, the pressure inside will force a clean break on the neck of the bottle.


Setting the bubbly in the snow at an angle, Weiss positioned herself approximately 10 yards away and took aim.


Check out the video below to see if she succeeded!

So that was pretty awesome.

If you can learn to use a gun this proficiently, you’ll likely be the life of the party anywhere you go.

Well, almost anywhere. You probably won’t be too popular at a gathering of Democrats–at least not in a good way.

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