Famous Hunter Has Fiesty Message For Crazy Liberals

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Liberals and crazy animal rights wingnuts have been doing their absolute best to shame Outdoor Channel host Eva Shockey–daughter of legendary hunter Jim Shockey–for her skill at catching and killing tasty animals.

Shockey has had her physical well-being threatened by these crazies and has been mocked heavily for being open about her love of hunting. With all of the abuse, one would think she would break down, cry, and call it quits.

Not this chick. She’s one tough mother, and she has a special message for all the lefties trying to make her feel bad for shooting Bambi’s mom.

From TheBlaze:

Not only has Shockey struck back with a series of recent interviews, but now she’s out with a limited-time t-shirt collection that’s sure to irk radical animal activists.

The shirts have a simple message: “I’ll never apologize for being a hunter.”

“As hunters, we need to stand strong, unite as one and NEVER apologize for being who we are!” Shockey said in a statement. “We should focus our energy on being the best hunters we can be by challenging ourselves to be ethical, respectful and responsible so as to humbly uphold our proud heritage. Now, let’s get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!”

In the first day of sales last week, TheBlaze has learned, people snatched up 500 of them. The goal is to sell 1,000. As of publication time, they were 99 short of that goal.



Liberals don’t seem to understand that hunting isn’t just killing for the sake of killing. Most hunters feed their families with the animals they take down, or donate the meat to homeless shelters so the less fortunate can enjoy a hot, tasty meal.

There’s also the whole conservation bit. Many hunters help keep animal populations in check so that the species can actually thrive, which is something you’d think loony leftists would get behind, but then again, they’ve never really been known for being the sharpest tools in the shed.

Hunters absolutely need to stand together against this insane animal worship from the loopy left and fight for their right to enjoy the great outdoors without more unnecessary regulation from Uncle Sam.


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