Education in 2014 – 5 Reasons Why Putting Your Child in Public School is Child Abuse

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Our friends at actually cited 10 reasons.  You can catch the other five at the link.  We’re convinced, and we think you will be too when you’re done with this list, that public schools are a particularly devious form of child abuse.

#1:  We always thought teaching the kids to share was a good thing…

A 13-year-old boy at Weaverville Elementary School in California shared his school lunch (a chicken burrito) with a hungry friend.

At the Curmudgeon household, we’d have been very proud had one of our sons done that.  At Weaverville elementary school, not so much.  At Weaverville this young man got detention. Superintendent Tom Barnett explained, “Because of safety and liability we cannot allow students to actually exchange meals.”

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