Diane Feinstein is the Poster Hypocrite

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Diane Feinstein, US Senator from Fruits&Nuts, is the poster hypocrite in Washington DC and she’s even being called out by her former colleagues.  Former Senator Bob Kerry – a Vietnam vet who actually is a war hero, unlike his same named counterpart who should have been tried and convicted for treason – called Feinstein out on national TV.

Dianne Feinstein is the Senate Intelligence Committee Chair.  She’s privy to everything that goes on with respect to intelligence, including President I’m Really Good at Killing People Obama’s drone targeting.  She has no issues with drones targeting terrorists and weddings.

On a side note, while so-called progressives keep calling for Dick Cheney to be arrested for war crimes, nobody seems to be real upset about President Obama targeting weddings or randomly killing civilians.  Oh well, if progressives didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have standards at all.

Let’s get back to Senator Fruit&Nut’s hypocrisy.

Her support of drone strikes while whining about “torture” – and the enhanced interrogation techniques used by the US are not “torture” – is barely the tip of the iceberg.  Our good friend Jeff Dunetz has a wonderful expose on her hypocrisy.  As background, the Senate Intelligence Committee is regularly briefed by the various agencies, including the CIA, and the Committee was expressly briefed on enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT).

At least through 2005, generally the meetings included the full committee on the House side and the Senior person from each party on the Senate committee. However, there are many meetings during this period where attendees and subject of meeting were not provided, but again each of the meetings on this particular chart deals with interrogation.

In 2006 on the ides of March is the first appearance of Diane Feinstein who eventually became Chairman of the committee.

For America to believe that these Congressional members sat through meetings which were entirely about EITs or the other meetings whose purpose is redacted in this 2007 report, knew none of the details mentioned in the Feinstein report, we would have to be as stupid and gullible as Obamacare architect consultant Jonathan Gruber claims we are.

The “Torture Report” is nothing more than political payback for Feinstein against the CIA who apparently bugged Senator’s phones to find a leak, and it’s also a welcome deflection for the Obama administration because it will keep the President’s latest scandals out of the news for at least a week or two, after all, it WAS George Bush’s fault!

As we noted earlier if Democrats didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any.


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