What The Despicable Stolen Valor Guy Said About Dead Veterans Will Make You FURIOUS

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There are plenty of disgraceful human beings to be found on this burned out berg called earth, but the man who was recently busted by a Navy SEAL for impersonating a U.S. soldier at a mall, is probably one of the most despicable you’ll meet.

After a video of “Johnny B,”–this is really what the loser calls himself–went viral, he decided to do a little YouTube video of his own, where he mocks dead soldiers who gave their lives for the freedom and liberty we enjoy, while also issuing a “challenge” to those in the military who are still alive.

From IJReview:

“You know what’s so funny, I get all these sheeple who says, Johnny B, you got a lot to be worried about, they’re going to send the law after you.”…

“And what else is everyone screaming about, oh, you dishonor our veterans, who give their life for big business, big government and big energy. And you’ll be exited out of Exxon, Walmart and your local government agency.”

“Because I’m going to tell you and a bunch of others this story, whatever you do, it don’t mean nothing. What it means is nothing is going to happen to me. And this Veterans Day, I hope each and every one of you military current and ex are at your favorite little restaurants and bars, because I might be at one of them.”


This moonbat could use a good swift kick to his rear end, and hopefully, by challenging military members so openly, one of them will oblige this very simple request.

What makes Johnny B. so despicable is that he’s clearly taking advantage of the freedom of speech the very veterans he mocked died to preserve. It’s outrageous and insulting.

He likely doesn’t get very much attention in his pathetic, every day existence, so he’s stooped to pretending he’s a hero in order to get people to like him. When that doesn’t work he insults veterans and military folk to once again make people notice him, the true “Invisible Man.”

Hopefully, he’ll learn a valuable lesson courtesy of our men and women in uniform that he won’t soon forget. Perhaps the next video he posts will be after he’s swallowed some humble pie and apologizes for acting like a nut bag.

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