CUNY Editor Urges Blacks to Arm and Wage Violence Against Cops

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“It doesn’t matter if Brown robbed a convenience store, or even if he assaulted (Police Officer Darren) Wilson.”

These are the words of the Editor-in-Chief of “the Advocate” at City University of New York (CUNY) Gordon Barnes in his editorial entitled; “In Support of Violence.”

It’s bad enough that Mr. Barnes calls for rioters protesting the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown to arm themselves and wage violent war with cops – most cowards are quick to urge others to put themselves in harm’s way while they sit in their University Office behind a computer.

But here’s a really disturbing passage from the Grad Center’s publication:

“And while it is lamentable that some so-called mom-and-pop shops are targeted alongside the larger businesses, it is the truly dispossessed, downtrodden, social ostracized, and oppressed peoples who are engaging in the only viable option to lash out at an increasingly militarized, bureaucratically regimented, and authoritarian society”

Ferguson Grand Jury decision in Michael Brown shootingReally? And they let you into college Gordon?

Explain to me how ruining a neighbor’s (black, most of the time) livelyhood and destroying their lives and property is a “viable option?” The answer is this “Editor-in-Chief” is a fool who has been sold a bill of goods by white liberals.

But he’s not done: “The acts of looting, destruction of property and violence directed towards state representatives is not only warranted, it is necessary,” says Barnes, a doctoral student in history who once studied in Cuba.

Well there you go Barnzie – why not get an opinion from your fellow students in Cuba who regularly criticize their government and advocate violence against Cuban authorities? … oh yeah, they’re in prison.

nypd saluteSo you’re black, cops are white and America is racist. Got it.

Yet, you somehow have the freedom to write and publish this drivel?

According to the NY Post, his editorial ran 11 days before CUNY Professor Eric Linsker was busted on assault and other charges for attacking cops at a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge, and 17 days before two NYPD officers were assassinated by a madman in Brooklyn seeking revenge for the Garner and Brown killings.

My guess is Barnes stayed home and watched everything on a nice big TV, in a nice safe place in America. Real nice, as a matter of fact – because according to his LinkedIn page – Barnes makes $10,000 to $20,000 a year as a graduate assistant and also pockets an annual stipend of $24,000 as a Presidential MAGNET fellow.

Yep, America just sucks for black people. I guess that’s why so many thousands of blacks are streaming in from Africa to get to this horrible place?

The question isn’t; “Is there still racism” in the world – there is. The question is what’s the best way to combat it? I know the best way to get rich from it, and Barnes is on the fast-track to race-baiting riches.


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