Creepy Robot Stripper From Hell [VIDEO]

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You have to watch this creepy video of the Robot Stripper from Hell all the way to the end to really appreciate it.

I guess if you’re a geek too awkward to meet a girl, you can always build one:


Scientists have the money and ability to create robots and robot characteristics that maybe could help society by assisting or improving the lives of humans – but what do they do?

Create a stripper.

Artist Jordan Wolfson in collaboration with creature effects studio Spectral Motion created this abomination in the name of art. Creepy witch ballerina art that blinks her eyes and makes geeks horny.

Through the use of facial recognition technology, the doll will literally follow you with its eyes while it bumps and grinds through a freakishly slowed down version of “Blurred Lines”.

Give it another 5 years and human prostitutes will be a thing of the past. Still, you wouldn’t want to have to explain it to your wife. Maybe even human girlfriends?

As far as fembots taking over the world, World domination is difficult when you are attached to a wall.

Here’s some more creepy for ya: French drawing of a sex robot..


The French have really surrendered here..

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