Cop Killers Finding Support on the Left

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We’re going to be following the funeral and the aftermath over this weekend.  It’s gearing up to be a real culture war and we’re fully expecting it to turn into a shooting war.  Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn must be really proud of themselves today, 30 years ago they were doing everything they could think of to make the idea of becoming cop killers a reality and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them resurrect the Weather Underground.

Ayers and Dorhn were instrumental in starting and leading the Weathermen in the late 60s and early 70s, and they were a bunch of white kids from wealthy backgrounds who made their stand for revolution with the Black Panthers, and they declared war on the US when cops killed BPP leader Fred Hampton.  Black Panthers and their supporters insisted Hampton was “murdered” by cops in a raid, eventually Cook County – as in Chicago – prosecutors eventually bowed to pressure and brought the cops to trial where they were found not-guilty.

Sound familiar?

What we’re seeing today in New York City is an extension of what the Weather Underground was trying to do 30 years ago.  The WU was all about killing cops and attacking military installations like Ft. Dix in New Jersey with nail bombs.  Last week we saw the cold blooded murder of two NYPD cops and those murders are being advertised by the left as retribution for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, two black thugs  who assaulted cops and resisted arrest before being killed by police.  In both cases grand juries have refused to indict the cops who shot Brown and Garner.

The reaction from the left is what we’ve come to expect.  Here’s just a couple of examples, and please note that political operatives on the left, from Barack Obama to NYC’s mayor, Red Bill de Blasio, have openly talked about “police violence,” accused cops of unnecessary force against “black kids,” and been muted in their calls for peace after the grand jury decisions and the murder of the two NYC cops.

Today, NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos will be laid to rest.  The second officer, Wenjian Liu, will be buried with full honors at an unknown date, his parents live in China and nothing will be planned until they’ve arrived in the US.

Here’s just a couple of things the left have been up to in preparation for Ramos’ funeral.

Here’s the lede from an article written for the Advocate, a CUNY student newspaper.  The article is titled, In Support of Violence.

These are just some of the names of, mostly young, black men (and boys) killed by law enforcement since the dawn of the new millennium. They were all unarmed. The above list does not include the names of black men assaulted and maimed by police, and is simply just scratching the surface of the human toll that state violence has wrought. Additionally, it does not include individuals killed by security guards or vigilantes (a prime example being George Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin).

The article goes on to quote Communist “revolutionaries” from around the world in support of violence against the so-called ruling establishment.

In a second round of support for murderers of cops, we’ve got a Brandies student, Khadijah Lynch, after her Twitter comments (since taken down).

“i have no sympathy for the nypd officers who were murdered today,” Lynch had spouted on Saturday afternoon.

“lmao, all i just really dont have sympathy for the cops who were shot. i hate this racist fucking country.”


There has been a storm of protest at Brandies University after another student outed her comments.  The new revolutionaries are demanding that the man who published her public comments from Twitter be expelled and we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him disciplined by school officials before his scheduled graduation this Spring.  Needless to say, Lynch has become a celebrity.

Finally, certainly not the last outrage directed at cops, just the last one we’re writing about today, a judge in NYC who was appointed by Mike Bloomberg and who likely will be reappointed by Red Bill next week, has released without bail two men who attacked and threatened the lives of NYPD officers and their families.

[Judge Laura] Johnson said the incident “appears to have been an extraordinarily emotion-laden and hectic situation,” adding that it would be “wrong” to impose bail “because of the current climate.”

“I would have unquestionably released Mr. Maye a week ago without even thinking about it,” she noted.

Johnson later cut off [prosecutor] Langsam when she attempted to argue that Maye had injured several cops and interfered with the EMTs trying to help his brother.

“I will hear no more,” Johnson declared.

The players are lining up and we’ve got expectations that this will not end well and we won’t be surprised to see NYPD augmented by the National Guard before it’s all over.

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