Conservatives, Things Can Always Get Worse….

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OK, you’re a 4-foot shark. Not the top of the food chain, but not exactly a can of Spam. And once you were hooked and reeled in by the fisherman, you thought your day could not get any worse… Conservatives, there’s a lesson here, if an oblique one. Yes, it’s a funny video. But when you think something has reached its worst, and there’s nowhere to go but up…you need to think again.


  • Did you think Lisa Jackson was the biggest Commie ever to weaponize the EPA against America? Meet Gina McCarthy.
  • Was Hillary the worst Secretary of State ever? Well, she was, till John Kerry came along.
  • Did you hate that President George W Bush raised the national debt to $11 trillion? Now we call those the good old days…
  • You think ISIS on the rise, and our government’s feckless cow-towing to it (and every other nemy of America) is alarming? I do too. But do you think the Democrats have fully explored the depths of what they can do to harm the interests of America and freedom in general? Don’t you dare believe that.
  • Do you think Obama has been pretty effective at dismantling the economy, the national morale, work ethic, businesses, and freedoms? Just wait and see what can be done the next Democrat, like Hillary – who throws lamps instead of playing golf.
  • I really, truly could go on and on. Holder? The new AG will be more corrupt, and more racist. The next foreign policy lark by Obama? Worse than the Cuba decision.

So with all those happy thoughts…. have a nice day! And don’t be a shark.

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