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Common Core Much? Principal Reassigned After Misspellings Caught


It’s been obvious to me for years that the level of English language competency has dwindled significantly in American work places.

But I’ve always expected that our schools and colleges would rise above the trend in their own publications, announcements and correspondance. My expectations have repeatedly been met with disappointment. Can we blame Common Core? The principal in this case is “young”.

Here’s the latest egregious mistake on display at a public school in New Jerky. (Yes, I meant that one.)

I guess the good news is that proofreaders and editors may be able to stay in business if incompetence continues to rise, and business owners make room on the payroll for us fixers.

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Baron Von Kowenhoven

Baron was just a shy kid with a dream, growing up in the 40's with a knack for story-telling. After a brief career in film, Von Kowenhoven went to Europe in search of fringe-scientific discoveries and returned in the 90's to unleash them on the entertainment and political landscape of America.


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