Christian Man Asks Gay Bakers To Make Wedding Cake, How They Respond Proves Liberals Are Hypocrites

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Christian bakers have repeatedly been under attack from homosexuals and non-gay progressives for refusing to make wedding cakes for gay couples getting “married.”

Rather than expressing their displeasure by taking their money to another bakery, they file lawsuits geared toward completely destroying these folks’ livelihood. It’s pretty despicable.

One would think that since so many homosexuals claim they were discriminated against by Christians for not providing their services to them, a bakery owned by someone who is gay would have no problem baking a cake for a Christian straight couple, right? After all, they are the perfect examples of “tolerance” and “acceptance,” right?


From Wayne Dupree:

But what happens when the tables are turned? Theodore Shoebat wanted to find out. After spending quite some time calling various gay bakeries asking if they would bake a cake for a traditional marriage ceremony, he quickly found out that tolerance is a one-way street in their eyes. Shoebat was cursed at, screamed at, and met with animosity, but the frosting on the cake as when he was asked why he would make such a request, as it would go against the beliefs of the baker. Sound familiar, anyone?

Wait. What happened to all the talk of equality and tolerance? How dare these bigots refuse to serve a couple based on their religious beliefs! How rude!

Unlike the foul liberals who decided to sue Christian bakers and put them out of business for not violating their religious principles, Shoebat isn’t going to file a lawsuit against these hypocrites for not wanting to serve him.

Businesses have the right to choose who they serve and who they don’t. Those who don’t get served have the right to take their money elsewhere and urge their friends and family to boycott the business too.

Eventually, if enough customers are unhappy with the incident, they would stop shopping there and the baker would either switch up his stance or go out of business.

The free market would take care of all the “equality” issues. No need for the government to get involved.

Unfortunately, that’s not good enough for liberals, as that doesn’t provide them with a platform to expand the federal government further into the private lives of citizens.

Perhaps one day these hypocrites will wake up and see how silly they look and stop trying to force the world to believe what they believe. In other words, maybe they’ll actually start practicing tolerance instead of blabbing about the lack thereof.

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