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Caroline Glick Drops a Bomb on a Euro-anti-Semite


The Jerusalem Post held a Diplomatic Conference in Jerusalem last week and in one of the panels Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr went on at length about how Israel should be happy that Europe holds them to a double standard vis-a-vie the “Palestinians.”  After all, Israel is essentially a European country and the “Palestinians” are nothing more than 13th century barbarians as Ambassador Vahr would tell it.

Caroline Glick showed him to be the anti-Semite he is.

Here’s the exchange.

Ambassador Vahn just experienced a “nail meet hammer” moment.  Ms. Glick is absolutely right, and if anything she doesn’t go far enough.  Europe, and under the Obama administration’s boot heel, the US are anti-Semitic.  In Europe it’s a core belief, in the US for the past six, and the next two years it’s an article of progressive faith that Israel does not have a right to, and should not exist.

The only difference between Muslims, who are actively seeking to butcher Israelis and end the State of Israel, and European and the current US government is that the Europeans and US pretend they support Israel’s right to exist.  And it is nothing more than a pretense.

Good job Ms. Glick.  Could we invite you to Washington to speak to our government?  It’s long past time somebody bluntly told our President and his State Department the truth, and did it in unvarnished terms.

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