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Britain’s Socialized Medicine: America’s Unfortunate Healthcare Future


Here’s a cute story about the future of ObamaCare – from our Friends in Britain, who have the wonderfully conceieved notion that socialized medicine is best for everyone – by Rodney Lee Conover

obamacareIronically, it was Margaret Thatcher who famously said; “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money..

Hat tip The Sunday Times:

Surgeons were forced to delay planned, “elective” procedures 3,113 times in the first two weeks of this month.

This is an average of 311 each working day and a rise of almost 50% on the same period two years ago. The numbers are up 16% in the last year alone.

Another 161 urgent operations — where life, limb or organs were at risk — were also cancelled in the first half of this month, up from 138 last year.

The disclosure comes amid mounting concern about the growing signs of strain in the health service. David Cameron has ordered his two most trusted “fixers” to take charge of winter planning as he seeks to ensure that there is no pre-election crisis in the NHS, Labour’s trump card.


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The same is happening in Canada, where many liberals have touted the “free” healthcare in that country. Nothing is free, folks and when something is offered to everyone free of charge, somebody is going to pay for it..

Obamacare Faces Supreme Court in 2015

A challenge to President Obama’s health care law will dominate the US Supreme Court’s term that resumes in 2015. But it could be overshadowed by the question of same-sex marriage if the justices decide to take up that hot-button issue — and act in time. A 5-4 ruling by the court in 2012 saved Obamacare from a constitutional challenge to the law’s broad reach. Now it faces another critical test, this time involving the meaning of the actual words in the law.


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