Blacks in Chicago Turning on Obama

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Can’t say I’m surprised that blacks are turning on Barack Obama – by Rodney Lee Conover

I used to work for Herman Cain. He was a guy who spoke from the heart – funny, smart and popular with regular Americans who wanted a leader who spoke in plain language. Problem is, he was black and conservative. He could have wiped the floor with Barack Obama and wouldn’t have laid off like Mitt did..

hermancaincrop1I can’t tell you if my man would have ever made it to the White House, but one thing is certain: The Democrat Party absolutely can not allow a black conservative to begin influencing black voters or the Democrat Party is done. End of story.

End of Herman Cain.

I’m not going to bore you with details of financially destitute women being dragged out of David Axelrod’s apartment complex with brand-new, yet 15-year-old accusations against Mr. Cain; but go ahead and Google what happened with Dr. Ben Carson and the IRS after he spoke out against ObamaCare if you want a taste of what happens to a black conservative who hasn’t even gathered a signature yet.

Thing is, blacks vote for Democrats no matter how Democrats treat them. In Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia – doesn’t matter. As long as the myth that it’s the fault of those white Republican’s holds up, it’s a voting bloc that up to now is one they can count on. But – speaking of Chicago – something may be going on.

Check it out: Hat tip Breitbart and Eric Rhein..

The language is so passionate it almost seems threatening, although I know it’s not.

They don’t want anymore stabbing in the back. No more saying one thing and voting another. The end of going along to getting along. The people in the video above have been betrayed to the point where they have cast aside skin color. They’ve had enough and my guess is so have you.

Ironically, it may have taken a crisis like Mayor Rahm “never let a crisis go to waste” Emmanuel to finally break the strangle hold the Democrats have on this once great city and on the State of Illinois, which is in fiscal shambles due to the disgraceful liberal economic and political policies it’s had to endure for years.

I had been saying for some time that the 2014 elections were going to make 2010 look like child’s play and that Democrats had no idea what’s going to hit them. Where’s my proof, you say? It’s in the people I speak to, the look in their eyes.

When you hear black Americans in Chicago urging their fellow black Americans in the community to start their own “Tea Parties” – it makes you wonder if perhaps the worm hasn’t turned?

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