Black Lives DON’T Matter

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At least they certainly don’t matter to black race hustlers.

There are ongoing demonstrations at Smith College in Massachusetts by people who are all worked up about the deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner at the hands of white cops, or in the case of Martin, “white-Hispanic” neighborhood watch volunteers.  “Black Lives Matter” is the latest little snippet that is being shouted at demonstrations, and along with the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” screed, that one is a lie too.

At Smith College (one of the revered, Ivy League, “Seven Sisters”) the College President sent out a campus-wide email that she thought was showing solidarity with the demonstrators.  The subject line of her email read, “All Lives Matter.”  She was quickly schooled by the demonstrators and was force to apologize.  Yep.

Got that?  It’s all about being BLACK.  Nothing else matters.

President Kathleen McCartney sent an email to students, faculty and staff that gave a list of steps to be taken on campus to help heal those in pain and “work for equity and justice,” following the grand jury decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, the Daily Hampshire Gazette reported.
Ms. McCartney’s email was reportedly titled “All Lives Matter.”

Later Friday, Ms. McCartney sent a second email expressing regret that she was unaware the phrase “all lives mater” is being used on social media as a counterargument to the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement, the Gazette reported. She said numerous students contacted her to complain about the email.

“It minimizes the anti-blackness of this the current situation; yes, all lives matter, but not all lives are being targeted for police brutality,” one student wrote to Ms. McCartney.

The college president apologized and thanked those who shared their “wisdom and wise counsel” with her, the Gazette reported. On Monday, Ms. McCartney led a vigil attended by 130 people.

We would also like to question the President, since she seems to think that “All Lives Matter,” she must be pro-life.

Deon Gilbert, Jr.With respect to the hypocrisy of the demonstrators, Michael Brown, a thug, gangbanger wannabe, was killed after robbing a store, assaulting the store owner, and assaulting a police officer, on August 9.  In the period from August 1 through today, December 11, there have been 165 murders in Chicago.  129 of those murdered were black.  Statistically, 93% of blacks are killed by another black, so it’s safe to guess that 120 of those dead blacks were murdered by other blacks.

Where are the demonstrators screaming for “justice” for 15 year old Deon Gilbert, Jr.?  Deon was murdered just over a month ago, on November 7th.  He apparently got into fight after school a few days earlier and his murder was in retaliation for that fight.  He doesn’t seem to have been a “Michael Brown wannabe.”

Deon was one of the school’s strongest students, especially in math, and dreamed of going to Florida A&M University to major in architectural engineering. He was also a leader on Butler’s first football team, Goins said.

Deon’s murderer likely won’t be found.  There will be no justice for Deon.  Why?

“This code of silence and ‘don’t talk’ and ‘snitches get stitches’ is bull crap,” said [Deon’s mother] Hall…

Deon doesn’t matter.  His life doesn’t matter, at least it doesn’t matter to the race baiting low life slugs at Smith College.  Or Ferguson.  Or in the White House.  Deon Gilbert, Jr. doesn’t fit their profile, he doesn’t serve their self-serving agenda.  He’s just another black kid from the projects murdered by some other black kid from the projects.

Deon’s life doesn’t matter.

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