Black Family + White Cop = Merry Christmas

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A Black family in Atlanta suffered the loss of their Christmas gifts and a harrowing experience when a their home was burglarized, the presents ransacked and their dog beaten. A White police officer rescued the holiday by rallying fellow officers and members of the community, resulting in gifts and a stack of green. Watch. Your heart will be warmed.

In the Biblical tale of the Good Samaritan, the first two passersby who did nothing for the injured fellow were religious men. They had knowledge of how to exhibit kindness, but not the inclination. The man who ultimately assisted the injured stranger, on the other hand, would have been an enemy of the wounded, based on the culture at the time. Nevertheless, he went to great length and expense to have the wounded man cared for. He was a true ‘neighbor’ and a fitting example of kindness.

This video reminded me of the Good Samaritan. How ’bout you? Did you see the Biblical parable here?


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