Berkeley Students Protest, Loot Cell Phone Store, Play Beer Pong

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So what’s a white, liberal, racked-with-guilt Berkeley kid to do this weekend: Beer pong or throw rocks at cops and smash windows out of small businesses?

If you’re a concerned Berkeley student who’s had enough of the bar scene and the library – and you’re looking for something a little more relevant – it’s time to take to the streets and overturn some police vehicles for yourself. Why let the looters in Ferguson have all the headlines?

berkeley1After all, your parents are spending good money for you to hang out in the bay area, learning that America sucks for allowing your parents to earn that money in the first place, right? Right on! – I mean..

Over the weekend, a roaming crowd of 300-400 protesters in and around the Berkeley campus, set trash cans on fire, vandalized and looted some storefronts.

The Cal Student Store’s window was cracked, two bank fronts were vandalized and two cell-phone carrier stores were damaged.

Eight people were arrested.

Question: What’s a young, pioneering protester to do if they don’t have that hard-to-find adapter for their cool headphones?

Window broken at Radio Shack, people looting

You can’t write this crap, folks.

Others got away with their new iPhone 6 rechargers and cables. All is well.

Protesters in Berkeley, California clash with police Saturday night … smashing store windows and hurling items at the officers. Police respond with tear gas and rubber bullets.


Protesters gathered around 5 p.m. PT at the corner of Telegraph and Bancroft.

They drew outlines of bodies on the pavement and then marched down Channing Way, chanting “From Ferguson to Berkeley, we won’t back down!” and “They say Jim Crow? We say hell no!”

Drivers in cars honked and waved their arms in solidarity with the protesters.

The protesters marched through downtown Berkeley to the heavily barricaded police station, holding their hands in the air.

They then walked a few blocks to Berkeley Civic Center, where they crowded the steps and chanted, “the whole damn system is as guilty as hell.”

Meagan Day, 26, was walking her bicycle with protesters along Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley.

The Oakland resident said she joined the protest in Berkeley as an “act of solidarity” to “amplify the voices” of people oppressed by police violence.

“I want to be another voice and another body,” she said.

Marchers then headed for Highway 24, where they were tear-gassed after refusing to leave the freeway, according to the California Highway Patrol, which also reported that some pedestrians had tried to light a patrol car on fire and were throwing rocks and bottles at police. The CHP then told peaceful protesters to clear the area. One of its most recent tweets was “Although some protestors may be peaceful, this is not a peaceful protest.”

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