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Beachgoers Find Shocking Surprise Inside The Belly Of A Dead Shark


So it’s confession time: I’m terrified of the ocean. No, really, I’m absolutely scared to death of it.

I simply can’t imagine anything scarier than the creepy creatures that lurk in the depths of the ocean, and to attempt using my skills of acute mental visualization to create some image of what kind of monstrosities could be living in the water would immediately result in convulsions of the bowels and the need for a new pair of pants.

That being said, If I were a beachgoer who found the dead body of a shark on the sand, I definitely wouldn’t have done what these folks did and would’ve missed out on something pretty awesome.

From BizPacReview:

The beachgoer noticed something moving inside the dead shark. It was the mama’s three shark pups (that’s what you call a baby shark). Another beachgoer began cutting the mama shark open and set the three pups free.


I definitely wouldn’t have had the guts to stick my hands inside of a dead shark. Perhaps that makes me a wimp, but hey, if it came out of the ocean, I’m going the other direction.

On the flip side, it would be super cool to experience something like that, especially with your children, as it provides a unique educational experience they’ll never forget.

Hopefully these shark pups–such a strange term for these little tykes–will grow and thrive in the ocean without making a meal out of some poor surfer dude.


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