700 m.p.h. Super Train Coming to L.A. [video]

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As a native of Southern California, I’ve grown accustomed to the bumper to bumper commute from my inland home city to Los Angeles. An alternative is a commuter train available that takes a couple of hours to travel the 55 or so miles into the heart of L.A. But, it stops every few miles to take on passengers, and only goes about 70 between stops.

Driving to San Francisco takes about nine hours. It’s a scenic drive, but still, the destination is the important thing in this case. So, you can imagine my excitement to find that plans are in the works to construct a super train that would get me to Fisherman’s Wharf in only 35 minutes! Traveling at 700 m.p.h. on the ground?! THAT is cool.

Introducing the Hyperloop

This high speed train can’t be built fast enough for my taste. Because the best sourdough bread in the world originated in San Francisco, and I want some for lunch today.

When the super train is operating, I’ll call my order in ahead, then speed up to the wharf and be back before my break is over. Add clam chowder, please.

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