4 Sick And Twisted Serial Killers With UNBELIEVABLE Body Counts

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There are some truly sick, twisted people in the world. Just flip on the news on any given day, and you’ll be treated to an entire smorgasbord of crazies, nutjobs, and moonbats all vying for the top spot on the Wall of Insanity.

Perhaps there’s no creature on earth more deplorable, disgusting, and yet somehow fascinating than a serial killer. You’ve probably heard of the BTK Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy, who are infamous figures in American history thanks to their disturbing M.O.’s and outrageously high body counts.

What I bet you didn’t know is that there are quite a few serial killers that you’ve not heard about who have body counts so high they make the names in the previous list look like boy scouts.

Check this out. Try not to have nightmares.

From Movie Pilot:

4.) Daniel Camargo Barbosa


Known Victims: 72

Possible Total Victims: 150

Location: Barbosa was from Ecuador and Colombia. He was killed in prison by a family member of one of his victims.

It’s no wonder Barbosa had a few screws loose. His mother was as twisted up mentally as he was, dressing him up in girl’s clothes as a punishment when he misbehaved. The sicko’s victim of choice was young girls, especially virgins. He claimed to like them “because they cried.”

3.) Javed Iqbal


Known Victim: 74

Possible Total Victims: 100+

Location: Pakistan. Iqbal killed himself in 2001

Javed Iqbal was a massive psychopath, murdering 74 teenage boys under the age of 16. He raped and murdered his victims with a chain. Iqbal admitted his crimes by crafting a confession letter to a newspaper office, which then lead police directly to his home.

Iqbal apparently turned his abode into a completely terrifying house of horrors complete with bloodstained walls, detailed journals of his kills, pictures of his victims, and a vat of hydrochloric acid that contained human bodies that were dissolving.

2.) Pedro Lopez


Known Victims: 110

Possible Total Victims: 350+

Location: Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. Was apprehended in 1980

If the previous creeps on the list haven’t given you the willies yet, this dude may do the trick. Lopez was given the boot from his family home at the tender age of eight after he was discovered molesting his younger sister. From there, he was picked up by a man who apparently committed a number of heinous sex acts with him.

After he was apprehended, Lopez confessed to 300 murders, but local authorities thought he was full of it. After a flash flood exposed the mass grave containing his victims, the police changed their tune.

Here’s the truly terrifying part of this story. He was released from a mental hospital in 1998 and no one knows where this nut is at currently. He could be one of those illegals crossing the border and getting a free pass from Obama. Yep. I went there.

1.) Luis Garavito


Known Victims: 139

Possible Total Victims: 400+

Location: Colombia. Garavito was apprehended in 1999

Garavito’s favorite victims were poor peasant boys that he’d pick up from the street, viciously rape, and then slit their throats. After police examined the bodies of several of his victims, they determined that many of them had been tortured prior to being killed.

This sick sack of bones was known as “The Beast,” and is considered to be the most prolific serial killer in modern times. Apparently there’s a chance he could be released on good behavior. What a wonderful justice system, right?

There you have it, folks! Good luck trying to sleep tonight.


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