2 Thugs Attempt to Carjack “American Sniper” Chris Kyle: Dumbasses!

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Would you like to guess what happens when two criminally insane folks try to carjack the deadliest sniper in American history? Yeah, turns out bad for the thugs.

With the release of the Clint Eastwood film; “American Sniper” – a few stories have been popping up about the deadliest sniper there ever was: Chris Kyle.

Here’s one: January, 2009: Chris Kyle stops to get gas just outside Dallas, TX.

Kyle was minding his own business, gassing up his truck when two punks approached him at gunpoint, demanding the keys to his vehicle. .. Hmm, what to do?

He pretends to comply, reaching for the keys with one hand, while pulling a concealed weapon with the other. Four shots later, there were two dead punks, one truck filled with gas and Kyle is back on his way.

To avoid media attention he got the surveillance video from the gas station, called his commanding officer, and then called the police.

Out of respect for Chris the local PD did not go to the media.

Can’t wait to see the film!


Clara Rowe – God Bless all police ,firemen, service in every way. I appreciate your keeping us safe …


Judith Bailey – God bless our military and police. They have been thrown under t he bus by this administration and the liberals.

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