10 Best NFL Teams in History

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Th folks over at NFL Spin Zone did a complete ranking of all NFL franchises from the beginning of time… Because that is about how long the NFL has been around.

We sifted the list down to the 10 Best NFL Teams and we don’t think there is much to disagree with here…

They used the following scoring system:

Point Breakdown:

Super Bowl Championship (1966-Present): 20 Points
World Championship (1920-1965): 12 Points
Conference Championship (1960-Present): 10 Points
Division Championship: 6 Points
Playoff Appearance: 4 Points

Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee (Main Contribution): 8 Points
AP MVP* (1957-Present): 6 Points
AP Offensive POY (1972-Present): 4 Points
AP Defensive POY (1971-Present): 4 Points

Coming in at #10 on their list is:

10: Cleveland Browns: 430 Points


Established 1950-95; 1999-Present – This may be the biggest shocker on this list. You read that correctly, Cleveland made the NFL’s greatest franchises top 10 list. They’re an example of why we must value history when weighing greatness. The Browns have been anything but great for a long, long time.

Many people forget about their extensive history of success. In the 50s and 60s they won four World Championships. Not only that, they have sent 16 players to the Hall of Fame; including what some believe to be the greatest running back of all-time — Jim Brown. Not to mention, they’ve seen the playoffs an impressive 24 times in their history. Will Johnny Manziel lead the Browns back to their former glory, or will they continue to slide down this list?

Icons: Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Paul Brown, Lou Groza

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