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Will the GOP Allow Obama to ‘Keep Sticking It’ to Americans After the Midterm Elections?


The Washington Post is reporting that this election could see the most dominant Republican Congress since 1929. It will be the first time since the 109th Congress that the Republicans have controlled both the House and the Senate, assuming they pull off a big win as expected.

What will this mean for Americans if the GOP are successful? Will it be more of the same or can we expect something different?

RepublicanElephantMany Americans were excited when a new candidate came along with a campaign promise that was all about “change.” Unfortunately, it was not the kind of change that most Americans thought they were getting. America has been transformed right before our very eyes to a country that is mostly unrecognizable.

The Obama Administration was able to get an unread healthcare program passed and enacted into law, then successfully change that law once it was passed, to suit its own agenda. All was done by the stroke of the President’s pen to cherry-pick what he wanted and didn’t want in the new law.

His actions in rewriting the law clearly violated the Constitution. However, because the Senate was controlled by the Democrats, nothing was done about it.

Americans have also been witness to closed door meetings when this President indicated that he would run a presidency with an open door policy. Contrary to his statement, Obama would not even discuss the proposed Affordable Care Act with the physician members of Congress.

Perhaps his open door policy only applied to Democrats.obama presObama changed and is still in the process of changing the economic structure of this country as well. Obama’s presidency set about almost immediately to take over the healthcare industry, the automobile industry, the banking industry, the housing industry and just about any other industry that was privately owned.

Also, we witnessed the civil disobedience of the Occupy Wall Street Movement during this presidency, which epitomized the principles of socialism and was wholeheartedly supported by Obama’s Administration.

These young, impressionable minds fell prey to the calls for equality, liberty and solidarity of the collective over the individual and Obama cheered them on when he said, “We are on their side.”

Many of those misled by the promises of progressives in this administration believed that the Occupy Wall Street Movement and Obama’s presidency in general, would improve the economy and allow them to “get their fair share.”

All of the policies that we have seen coming from this administration are socialist attempts at redistributing wealth so that there exists a classless society in which the government owns and administers the means of production and distribution of goods. I see it more as a society in which the government holds all the power as the “ruling class” over its people.

Whatever, the definition, will the GOP be able to make a difference in the situation that the United States currently finds itself in? Will they be able to stop and even reverse the administration’s socialist programs that have been enacted?

Dollar signsThe U.S. is a nation saddled with debt with no end in sight as to how much more this President will rack up before his term ends. More money is being printed and calculated at being $85 billion per month.

Additionally, this past summer we saw another attempt by this administration to change America when Obama invited illegal immigrants from Central America to come flooding into the U.S., with an estimate of $761 million for educating these illegal immigrants for just one year. This figure doesn’t take healthcare and other costs into consideration.

America cannot continue on this socialist agenda and out of control financial path. However, America may be about to take another turn for the worse.

Most believe that this President is about to carry out another detrimental agenda to the U.S. and will sign an executive order to legalize millions of illegal immigrants in this country, following the midterm elections. Regardless of who is in control of the Congress, there is no doubt that Obama will once again swipe his pen to enact law.

He has already ordered the printing of millions of green cards. The Obama Administration, however, has already denied they requested the cards. In fact, an Obama spokesperson laughed-off the ordering of millions of green cards as being “crazy”. Crazy like when Obama promised that you could keep your doctor if you liked your doctor?

Obama will most certainly act to change America even more by adding to the taxpayer and Democrat voter rolls when he moves to legalize illegal immigrants. This will set the stage for a permanent transformation of America, if he is successful, like we have never seen before. His act may be the final proverbial nail in the U.S. coffin.

How will a predominantly GOP House and Senate respond to such an executive order?

boehner crying

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Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) may cry, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) may ask how he can betray the GOP once he thinks the microphone is off, and John McCain (R-AZ) may pose with some more Syrian rebels?

I wish I could say I was joking. While I am being somewhat sarcastic, I really don’t know how the GOP will respond given their track record in not really taking a firm stand against Obama’s policies.

No matter what the GOP does to try and stop a sweeping executive order, you can almost bet on two things. One, the GOP will be called racists and two, the GOP, instead of doing what the American public wants them to do, will try and compromise or bend to the will of what they wrongly believe will strengthen the GOP in the eyes of the voter.

Many in the GOP have not been listening to the American public. They are out of touch and they need to be reminded who “We the People” are. The American public will need to turn up the volume and turn up the heat, under those they elect to the newly controlled GOP House and Senate, so that the GOP will stop caving to this President and start listening to their constituents.

We don’t need more of the same. We need a change, but this time a change in the right direction to return America to its rightful place!





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