Who’s Profiling Black Teens Now? Their Moms

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In a video with reactions of Ferguson residents to the resignation of Officer Darren Wilson, there are, of course, various opinions.

Many say that Wilson’s resignation was inevitable. I tend to agree, but not because he is a bad officer who is trigger happy. He needed to resign to protect himself. He has been stamped a threat to young black men. That makes him a target for hate crimes.

Many blacks in Ferguson, MO hate Wilson, and they hate law enforcement. They hate business owners, even black ones, too. Why else would they loot and destroy their hometown entrepreuners? They hate, hate, hate.

They are so blinded by hate that they cannot admit Michael Brown’s culpability in the tragic incident that ended his life. In the minds of many residents of Ferguson, the incident didn’t start until Wilson responded to the radio call and showed up on the scene. They ignore the fact that Brown had committed a crime and was facing police responding because of his criminal activity. They ignore the fact that this particular black teen assaulted a civilian in the convenience store and then brazenly challenged a cop, even using brute force to attempt to take his gun. You know that if he’d gotten control of Wilson’s gun Brown would have shot the officer.

So, any mother who says, “It could have been my son” who was killed, is saying her son is a thug, too? Isn’t that profiling all black males? Or is she admitting she raised a bully thief? And other black moms are raising criminals? Isn’t that profiling? I think so.


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