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Wendy Davis Blames Ebola for Her Pathetic Drubbing in Texas


This is classic: Wendy Davis gets her butt handed to her in the Texas gubernatorial election, despite millions being wasted on her crap-ass campaign and what does she blame it on? Republican paranoia over Ebola.

Of course it wasn’t the fact that she’s a liar and an advocate for killing babies. No, if Ebola hadn’t come to this country – she would have won, damnit!

Hat tip TPNN:

Everything was going well for the Wendy Davis Campaign. The abortion crusader had mounted a symbolic filibuster and as a result of have been able to stand for a lengthy period of time to protest the enhanced health and safety standards passed in Texas concerning abortion practices, Davis was the recipient of a wave of liberal attention and fundraising that, for a moment, made Republicans question if Davis’ momentum could really “turn Texas blue.”
However, through significant missteps and a disastrous campaign that may be remembered as being one of the most poorly-run campaigns in recent history, Davis was soundly beat in the election for governor of the Lone Star State by Republican Greg Abbott.
There is a wide variety of factors that likely caused her defeat; maybe it was that Texas is, generally speaking, conservative; maybe it was the repeated instances where the Davis Campaign mocked her paralyzed opponent for his paralysis; maybe it was the laughably false attack ads that backfired horrendously…
…Or, according to the Davis Campaign, maybe it was Ebola.  

Davis’ Communications Director Zac Petkanas revealed to The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, “The losses that you are seeing in very blue states are simply amplified in states like Texas where there is already a structural advantage for Republicans.”
The piece also detailed: “Another challenge, he said, was that Texas is at the center of two issues, immigration and the Ebola scare, that helped drive Republicans to the polls.”
Texas was the first place where Ebola made contact with the United States and it would be dishonest to try and pretend that citizens around the state were not concerned about catching the dreaded virus; however, while citizens also likely fear being killed in a car crash (which kills tens-of-thousands each year), it would be absurd for a political candidate to blame their loss, even partially, on voters’ fear of auto accidents.
Likewise, considering that only a handful of people have contracted Ebola in the U.S. while auto accidents killed thousands, it seems safe to presume that Texans did not avoid voting for Wendy Davis because of Ebola.

Even more embarrassing for Davis is that she lost her state senator seat to Republican Konni Burton, a candidate who received Tea Party backing. Indeed, it seems that Texans rejected Davis ‘ leadership on several levels.

Or maybe the voters considered her a disease worse than Ebola?


Texas State Senator Wendy Davis was steamrolled in her bid to become the state’s next governor, and it appears that her staff believes Ebola has something to do with the failure of her campaign. The Communications Director for Davis? campaign told the Wall Street Journal, Texas was at the center of two issues ? immigration and the Ebola scare ? that helped drive Republican voters to the polls.”


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