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VOTER MACHINES RIGGED TO BENEFIT DEMS: Gregg Abbot Not Even On The Ballot in San Antonio!


Gregg Abbot not on the ballot in San Antonio – bet those Castros will get right on it..

Texas ballot

They’re not even trying to hide voter fraud down there?

Virginia politicians warn of possible vote switching on electronic machines

Voting machines in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia could be doing the same thing machines in states like Illinois and Maryland have — switching electronic votes from Republican to Democrat.

Five ballot initiatives to watch Tuesday night
November 4, 2014 | Eric Boehm

As Marylanders head to the polls Tuesday, questions linger over early-voting glitches that could affect the election’s outcome.

After reporting that voting machines had flipped Republican votes to Democrats in several counties, learned Monday that some of the units were not taken out of service.


Vermont AG silent on potentially illegal donations to single-payer candidates
November 4, 2014 | Bruce Parker
Despite receiving complaints that a single-payer advocacy group has been making potentially illegal donations to candidates, the Vermont Attorney General’s Office offered no public response in time for Tuesday’s election. (Read More…)

Early-voting cloud hangs over Maryland election
By Kenric Ward | As (Read More…)


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