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VOTE YOUR ANGER against liars, deniers & falsifiers.


VOTE #1 Book coverFIRST, there was the chicken-little-sky-is-falling-hurry-up-and-vote-for-it stimulus plan: $787 billion dollars to fund shovel ready jobs that would employ 400,000 Americans. Since the jobs didn’t exist, the money was used for tax cuts for General Motors, grants for green jobs, and gifts to unions. Some of the dollars were given to Wall Street and foreign banks.

Did this stimulate the economy?

Fix any bridges or potholes?

Are you kidding?

Vote your anger! Fire politicians who lie, deny, falsify, and supported Obama’s stimulus package.

CAME destruction of the finest healthcare system in the world. Obama lied, assuring Americans they could keep their doctors, their insurance plans, and enjoy lower premiums. Every single Democrat senator and two independents supported the “vote now, read later” monstrosity program and followVote #2 Pelosied Obama blindly off the healthcare cliff. Now the system is mired in cost increases and bureaucratic rules and regulations. The Payment Services Advisory Board (Death Panel) rations healthcare, particularly for seniors, but not for illegal aliens.

Vote your anger! Fire politicians who lie, deny, falsify, and voted for the Obamacare abomination.

DON’T FORGET the attack on Benghazi that claimed the lives of four Americans and resulted in the mysterious disappearance of 1,200 ground-to-Air missiles. Absolutely no one in the White House or State Department, including Hillary “what difference does it make” took responsibility. Instead, speeches to the nation and the United Nations assigned blame to a video that nobody had seen.

Vote your anger! Fire politicians who lie, deny, falsify, and stonewalled the Benghazi investigation to prevent the truth from being pinned on the AWOL president.Vote Graphic 3 vets in line

REMEMBER the red line and the threat? “If Syria crosses it and uses chemical weapons, they are gonna’ pay, I promise.” Despite Obama’s edict and pointed finger, Syria gassed its own citizens. The penalty? Zip, zero, nada. Obama blamed the international community for making the red-line statement in the first place.

Vote your anger! Fire politicians who lie, deny, falsify, and continue to support Obama’s foreign policy.

THEN, there were pledges to care for America’s wounded warriors. A new boss man came on board. Under his watch, more money was thrown at the department. Nothing changed. Corrupt officials remain on the job. Outside care continues to be nearly impossible for veterans to obtain. Business as usual: delay, deny, and hope they die.

Vote your anger! Fire politicians who lie, deny, falsify, and ignore the plight of our veterans.

Vote #5 Uncle SamDear Patriot, read the entire article at THEBLAZE.  Then, pass it on to everyone in your personal universe, including Democrats.

On November 4th, vote as if the future of your country depends on your vote. It does.

God Bless You for helping to fundamentally un-transform Obama’s America.
God Bless America.

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