Vietnamese Police Imprison Blogger for “bad content”: We Should Be More Like Them?

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In the latest move by freedom-loving Communists, the Vietnamese government have detained a blogger for posting “bad content” about the state. For those of you here in the US who believe that collectivism leads to utopia, this is only the latest crackdown on dissent that has been condemned by rights groups.

While protesters in Ferguson are wearing commie T-shirts and listening to commie groups encourage them to “smash the racist police;” REAL commies in Vietnam are busy putting folks in prison for simply criticizing the government:

Hat tip NY Post

Hong Le Tho, 65, was detained for “posting online articles with bad content and false information that discredit and create distrust among people about state agencies, social agencies and citizens,” the Ministry of Public Security said on Saturday on its website.

The case follows a sharp increase in arrests and prison terms for government critics in the past few years that has alarmed the United States, a former enemy that is struggling to build a case for deeper trade ties with a country steadfast in its intolerance of dissent.

The detention of Tho, better known as blogger “Nguoi Lot Gach”, came a month after Vietnam released jailed blogger Nguyen Van Hai, who staged a hunger strike to protest treatment of political prisoners.

In an address to Congress in June, the U.S. State Department’s envoy for democracy, Daniel Baer, described Vietnam’s crackdown on bloggers as part of “a years-long trend of deterioration”.

Maybe they should send Eric Holder there to investigate civil rights issues?

Communist agitators stirring up a civil rights protest sounds like a bad ‘60s flashback, but that’s just what happened last week in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Revolution Club of Chicago took to the streets Monday, busy “working with people.” After darkness fell and while the crowd of protesters grew larger and more boisterous, Carl Dix walked along West Florissant Avenue with Joey Johnson and Lou Downey, members of the Chicago club.

It was clear that Nix—a leader in the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)—was the point man in this small operation, with Johnson, Downey and several others following him as committed political disciples.

“People have heaped a lot of abuse on the youth who came out, and who have been out here every day since the murder of Michael Brown,” Dix said. “We take the exact opposite approach. We stand with the defiant ones, the people who said we are not going to take it this time, who took on the police, the county sheriff, the tear gas, the rubber bullets, the sound cannons and all of that.

Because that’s people saying ‘We have had it with this. We are not going to keep taking it.’”

This is such a cute story – I’m looking forward to the Constitution being completely torn apart here, so we can all live happily ever after in the Socialist dream world. You go Obama!


The debate over the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, shifted toward long-term solutions on Sunday morning, as a panel of experts agreed that a culture change is needed to avoid future incidents. Harvard professor Charles Ogletree said in an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, “We are in a situation right now that will create Fergusons over and over and over again. It’s not just in Ferguson, Missouri.” Ogletree went on to say, “There’s a racial divide in America that’s not going to end with Trayvon Martin being killed, with Michael Brown being killed, or with the 12-year-old (Tamir Rice) being killed by police. It’s not going to end at all.” In response, Dr. Ben Carson and Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund said that an in-depth look at police training and tactics would be necessary to facilitate any change.

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