A True Hobo

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I met a lovely 30-year-old woman while searching the garbage for cans. I used the word Hobo, and she is a true one.

She has been out and about since fifteen hopping trains. She said she is through with it for the winter, just to cold. It made me a little sad that she felt her body was breaking down at thirty.

I asked how she found herself on the streets at since a young age. She said family problems and made it clear it was still a sad subject she didn’t want to talk about.

Her and her boyfriend are good hobo’s leaving any extra food on top of the trash instead of in it.

 A cat, drawn on painted in front of a house was a sign that the lady within could be counted on for a meal.

You have heard the prophets of old say fear God, but I say to you do not fear God, he is a lamb. If you must fear something (I suggest you don’t) fear the return of your own misdeeds. On second thought don’t even fear this that is why God created forgiveness

I walked up to the park blocks to get some quiet the other night. I ran into a homeless woman I had seen around. I offered her a cigarette and sat down.

She was shy but told me that she had danced Swan Lake in the pearl district and that she was Fergie (the pop star). Then she said something very interesting to me, she said, “They are just fantasies,” and smiled a big smile.

When I first approached she was talking to herself as she often is, and it was nice to know she was aware her mind was a play. A woman whose opinion I trust told me fantasy heals the mind.

Laura then told me a poem she had written; it was very good and touched my heart. So I gave her a pen and notebook, which seemed to please her and she wanted to write a song with me.

I got a little too excited and took control of the first four lines, which drove her underground a bit. I then gave her a blanket, and she asked if there was anything she could do for me. I asked her to kiss my cheek and she did with a smile.


We chatted for a little while and then she went back to talking to herself. I sat for another fifteen minutes while she talked, taking in the beauty of the downtown Portland park. I saw her in the library yesterday listening to pop music on you tube, smiling and bopping around, deep in her healing fantasies.


Hobo Metaphysic of the day: If you are comparing yourself to others to see how you are doing, you are not doing well.


hobo2John wants you to know: “I’m not for the government doing more to help these folks.

Their help tends to come with a lot of humiliation, stipulations, and rules, but I am for us finding our hearts again as a people and taking care of our own.”


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