Trey Gowdy Eviscerates Jonathan Gruber

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Jonathan Gruber and the Obama administration.

We love the sound of a good evisceration first thing in the morning, especially when we’re pretty sure the smell of napalm at a Congressional hearing will be close behind.

Jonathan Gruber’s remarks on the way ObamaCare was drafted – in the most complex way possible – to hoodwink the stupid American voters, along with his earlier remarks that ObamaCare was drafted to force the states to open insurance exchanges and that the benefits could be paid only through state run, not federally run, exchanges are going to bite President Obama in the arse in a big way.

Jonathan Gruber, the architect of ObamaCare, may well be the Angel of Death for ObamaCare before this year is over.

This is important, and it’s important that the top priority for both the new Republican House and the new Republican Senate in January hold hearings on ObamaCare and Jonathan Gruber must be the first witness.  There is a case on the Supreme Court docket relating to the wording of the law.

The wording says “the states” exchanges are the only way people can participate in ObamaCare subsidies.  So far one court has ruled that “the states” includes the federal government and one court has ruled that it means “the states.”  Gruber’s testimony, as the guy who designed the law, is critical because he’s on record saying that only “the states” and not the federal exchange work for ObamaCare.

The clear intent of the guy who wrote the law matters.

Republicans will not be able to kill ObamaCare in this Congress, there aren’t enough votes to override a veto, and there may not be enough votes to actually pass a bill to kill it.  On the other hand, if SCOTUS follows Gruber’s lead and holds that only state exchanges can participate, ObamaCare is dead.

This will be fun.

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