Trey Gowdy Completely SLAYS Obamacare Architect With This Scathing Rebuke [VIDEO]

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Several days ago, one of the most arrogant liberal elitists on the planet–next to President Obama of course–attributed the passing of Obamacare to the American people being idiots.

Once the clip of Jonathan Gruber hit the Internet, he immediately started doing damage control, making false apologies for what he said, which only served to tick Americans off even further due to his insincerity. Let’s be real. He’s not sorry for what he said, only that he got caught.

With folks all across the country dying for a chance to rip Gruber a new one, we can all rest easy as Rep. Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and did what he does best, which is shred liberal big government liars to itty-bitty pieces.

According to TheBlaze, Gowdy sat down with Megyn Kelly to discuss Gruber’s comments and gave his two cents on the situation.

“Comprehensive is Latin for, ‘there’s lots of bad stuff in here.’ And he just proved that he is willing to lie… because he has the arrogance of thinking that he knows what is best for this country and the citizens and the voters do not. So, keep that in mind the next time anyone tries to sell you a big piece of legislation by calling it comprehensive,” Gowdy added.

The conservative firebrand from South Carolina also said he’d love to hear what President Obama has to say about Gruber’s statements since they thoroughly insult the intelligence of the same folks who actually voted for the president in the last two presidential elections.

Gruber is a classless progressive hack who thinks the American people are too dumb to decide what’s best for themselves and their healthcare.

This kind of arrogance is both disgusting and frightening, as it reveals those in power believe they’re our saviors, not our elected public servants.

Thinking like this has given rise to all manner of atrocities throughout human history, and has set our nation on a similar path if we do not continue to stand up and speak out against the collectivist progressive ideology that has slowly been rotting our country from the inside out.

It’s time for conservatives to continue boldly opposing big government progressives so that the message of freedom continues to be heard.

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