Trending: Women Sexually Harrassing Men in the Workplace

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Having been in human resources management for over 15 years, I’m always intrigued by claims filed by one worker against another. It’s usually juicier when it’s an employee vs. boss, thanks to the very public hearing of charges filed by Anita Hill against Justice Clarence Thomas.

Ever since their scandal, sexual harrassment in the workplace has been hot. Laws have been passed and policies developed to keep workers from playing ‘Gotcha’ on company time.

Every accuser and every alleged perpetrator of sexual misconduct has a story. Clarence Thomas’s explanation for why accusations were “that he was being subjected to a “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks” by white liberals who were seeking to block a black conservative from taking a seat on the Supreme Court.”

Now, many years following the Anita Hill / Judge Thomas case, the pendulum has swung to a point where men filing charges against women is trending. Sometimes you can detect a bias in the reporting of the claims, though, intended to sway public opinion on the credibility of the accuser.

A bald, middle-aged man being the object of a woman’s desire? Nah.  Not so fast. Read Robert’s story first. Afterward you’ll be pretty sure Lisa Rice is a sexual harrasser, and probably a hoarder of cats.

Here’s a report about Lisa and Robert, and Vanessa, from Mail Online.

A bald middle-aged New York mechanic was fired from his job and claims it was because he turned down sexual advances from his married boss.

Robert Inchierchiro, 53, was working at a vocational school called Nassau BOCES in Long Island where he claims to have been fired by his boss Lisa Rice for not giving in to her persistent seduction.

The New York Post reports that Inchierchiro also made a Division of Human Rights complaint against two other female bosses who supposedly teased him for turning down Rice’s advances.

He also claims that his bosses terrorized his girlfriend Vanessa out of spite and jealousy.

The Post reports that Rice was Inchierchiro’s supervisor for a year before he started dating Vanessa and that when he entered the new romantic relationship, Rice’s behavior spun out of control.

Rice, 50, and another boss, Louise Flynn, 58, allegedly visited Vanessa at the Jericho Public Library where she worked, and asked for someone named ‘Natasha,’ the complaint says.

Vanessa told the women there was no one working there by that name and so the women said, I’m sorry, we meant Vanessa.’

Vanessa said that she was the person they were looking for and that’s when the women introduced themselves as Bob’s co-workers.

‘My client was courageous to stand up to sexual harassment in the workplace,’ said his lawyer, David Rosenberg.
‘We are seeing more female-on-male sexual harassment in the workplace.’

The Post reports that in August, Rice allegedly bought Inchierchiro a ticket for a ‘work related’ cruise and told him Vanessa could come but she would have to buy her own ticket.

Rice then supposedly asked Inchierchiro to drive her to the event but Inchierchiro told Rice he’d have to ‘get back to her’ because driving her would imply it was a ‘date.’

‘Bob, uncomfortable with . . . Lisa’s jealousy of Vanessa . . . told Lisa that he would have to get back to her,’ says the filing.

Rice then allegedly told Inchierchiro she was too sick to go on the cruise so he invited a guy friend instead.

Despite saying she was sick, Rice supposedly showed up at Inchierchiro’s doorstep dressed up for the event and asked Vanessa if ‘Bob was ready to go on the cruise.’

She allegedly exclaimed, ‘How could you do this to me? You know I got all dolled up! Why would you go without me?’ in front of Vanessa.

The Monday after the cruise, Inchierchiro was allegedly confronted by his supervisor Lori Rowcroft, 57, for going on the cruise with a friend instead of with Rice and demanded he apologize.

The filing states he called Rice who said, ‘I can’t believe you’d do this. How dare you!’

Rice banned Inchierchiro from future events and said that he botched a new GPS system and he was put on paid leave.

Alter complaining to a supervisor, he was fired.

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