Today’s the Day: Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement Imminent!

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Law enforcement in Ferguson is prepared for anything and everything when the grand jury decision is announced in the Michael Brown shooting, Missouri Public Safety Director Daniel Isom said today.

The race pimps have won. And when I say race pimps, I mean Eric Holder and President Obama. They’ve successfully convinced the people of Ferguson that no matter the guilt or innocense of the white officer, they should riot and burn their own neighborhoods down if the grand jury doens’t indict him.

Activists Protest For Justice After Police ShootingsForget that Michael Brown is was a punk, a thug, a big kid who ripped off a store, then grabbed a cops gun. To hell with that – we want justice.

Well go ahead and burn down your own city you fools, see if I care – you don’t listen to me anyway..

Developing.. obviously.

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