TIME MAGAZINE: Violent Ferguson Riots are Necessary!

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Liberal White Guilt is on full tilt over there at TIME Magazine – yes, they’re still in business, before you ask. A columnist for TIME says don’t worry, be happy about the violence in Ferguson because it’s all part of our heritage here in America – important and “a necessary part of the evolution of society.”

That’s right – you’re witnessing an American event as awesome and inspiring as the original Boston Tea Party. You know, the one in 1773 where American revolutionary’s burned their neighborhoods, looted small businesses and screamed; “burn this bey-atch down matha-fackaa” when the press showed up? It was in all the flyers.

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… whatever.

Darlena Cunha, columnist at TIME says Ferguson residents must riot or racism will continue to flourish in this white-dominated, white-privileged, whitey-hates-black and wants police to shoot them willy-nilly society.

But I didn’t disagree with her entire piece. Her big problem is she apparently went to college and I had to wade through her University curriculum to get to something I could agree with. She nearly swerves into the truth, but then steers back into the tired and unaccommodating notion of “white privilege” which is such a cop-out.

You lose when you drop back and punt with “white skin = racist” It’s tantamount to idiots who say blacks are inferior. You know, when liberals insist that minorities need quotas, welfare, set-asides and preferences because they’re inferior?

Although Ms. Cunha is correct when she writes about the poor, frustrated, uneducated, angry and downtrodden people who find themselves in living conditions similar to Ferguson:

Rioting is really the only thing they have at hand to make a statement.

It’s not like a few Letters to the Editor is going to get CNN (or the New Black Panthers!) down there. You gotta go with what you got and with a little help from people in high places who really benefit from a crisis, they riot.


Protests Flare After Ferguson No Indictment Decision

Where her TIME piece tumbles is Cunha telegraphs her mindset with a few canards upfront, such as; “violent protests are a part of the American experience.”

Well, so is slavery, disco music and polio – but that doesn’t mean we should embrace them or not stop trying to extricate all from our society forever. She writes of getting to “universal utopia” and “privileged explanation” – dog whistles even a cat could hear.

If I’m getting her correctly, Cunha’s core thesis here is that rioters in Ferguson are traditional, necessary and humanistic “change agents” (her words) – American evolution revolutionaries on par with those at the original Tea Party. But here’s the difference:

The Sons of Liberty in Boston were being oppressed by their government directly, purposefully and forcefully. They were “rioting” because of lack of representation while being taxed for support. Simple facts of the day.

Where are the facts in Ferguson? If this is the best case you have for proof of oppression by government directly, purposefully and by force – you picked a bad one. The angry people in the streets throwing bottles at police, tipping over cars and looting the store that Michael Brown strong-armed before he tried to take a police officer’s weapon from him look kinda foolish after a cursory review of the situation. Even the autopsy commissioned by the Brown family concludes you might want to think twice about ripping-off a store, then grabbing a cop’s gun.

ferguson Natalie-DuBose-600x398
Natalie DuBose, owner / operator of “Natalie’s Cake’s & More” at 100 S. Florissant Road in Ferguson

Exactly what did this entrepreneur (to the right) do to deserve having her windows broken out of her shop? As part of their efforts to obtain “justice” for Michael Brown, rioters busted up Natalie DuBose’s cake store, a very popular meeting place owned by a young, black, local, female shop owner.

I’m sure it’s just a part of our wonderful tradition of destroying neighborhood small businesses when making a statement about the man! Good news though: The Ferguson bakery owner says she is “so humbly blessed” after receiving nearly $100,000 in online donations to repair her shop that was damaged by looters.

Actress Patricia Heaton (Republican!) and Rush Limbaugh jumped on the cause after seeing Ms. DuBose in tears.

Don’t guess that’s going to be reported in Time Magazine? Nah.

The Freedom Fighters / Revolutionaries / Future MENSA Society members of American rioting fame also burned Juanita’s Fashion R Boutique to the ground – the largest black-owned boutique in St. Louis.  That’s information Darlena Cunha, columnist at TIME, chose to leave out.

Wait a sec – perhaps the clairvoyants in Ferguson knew that if they smashed windows in town, online cash would reactively flow in from the outside – brilliant!.. Or maybe this is part of the ongoing War on Women? .. But I digress..

The Ferguson riots ostensibly are a reaction to perceived injustice with white cops killing black kids just for the heck of it. The results so far are the death of more black kids and destruction of black businesses and property in your own ‘hood. Just slightly different than the results from dumping of tea in Boston Harbor, Ms. Cunha.

The Sons of Ferguson have raised children who haven’t a care for the law. They’ve been duped by folks who have no interest in them beyond political support. Eric Holder said he went down there to get the facts, ma’am and Barack Obama said the grand jury; “deliberated the death of Michael Brown…” They did no such thing.

White privilege aside, these cats are Class-A race-pimps. They won.

I’m sympathetic to moms like Cindy Sheehan and reticent to criticize anything she says or does because you just can’t judge that woman who lost her son. But at some point I gotta scratch my head at Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown’s father, who are brainwashed and delusional to the point where they, their culture, their community, their son, his influences and upbringing are free of charge here?

I’d be protesting (in spirit and print) alongside Ms. McSpadden if I thought she were a “change agent” – but she isn’t and neither is anyone in the Ferguson saga. This is a manufactured crisis driven by professional race-baiters, a media with a partisan narrative and an Administration hell-bent on dividing the country by black and white.

Back to Cunha and what I liked about her column in Time: True – the people protesting do only have rioting at their hands to make a statement. Nothing else works – she’s right – their voices will not be heard through peaceful means. This is their only measurable means of communication, sadly.

But she leaves out that blacks in Ferguson and cities around the country are segregated on the left’s plantation. People who used to work their way out of the ghetto are now paid to stay there – by a contemporary welfare system which asks nothing of them except votes. President Obama even removed by executive fiat the “work” requirement of the Clinton-era “workfare” passed in the 90’s. Thanks bro!

Even if everything Cunha believes about “white privilege” and “modern racism” being more dangerous than “separate water fountains” were true; it doesn’t change the fact that blacks are standing by watching other minority groups and immigrants embrace capitalism, assimilation and American culture – not buying into the truly dangerous notion that they can only get by with help from the white liberal.

Cunha disclaims and twists into a pretzel before the academic mask comes all the way off: “I am racist because I am white.” The liberal guilt on full display – which is at the heart of the whole problem, isn’t it?

Liberals need to be removed from power if you want a real end to despair, poverty and slavery. Yo, black people, help a brother out here and let’s burn down the Democrat Party instead? What do you say?

It’s your privilege.

Hat tip: Greg Strangis

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PS: I’ll bet you a dollar that TIME MAGAZINE’S PERSON OF THE YEAR is “the Ferguson protesters”!


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